Top 10 SA-Sanctioned Survival Items for Your First Few Weeks Back on Campus

2011-2012 HBS SA
You can tell we know what we’re talking about since we’re wearing suits.

1. Binders (You may not read every exhibit of every case //, but at least they’ll be well-organized)

2. A School Bus (Fact: There’s no better way to get to a social event)

3. Football cleats and eye-black (For flag football… HBS kids get a little ‘competitive’ about intramural sports. Just a wee bit.)

4. Belly-dancing skirt (To maximize participation points at the RC International Fair & BBQ)

5. Your Career Coach (EC Company Information days started last week?!?!)

6. Dancing shoes (There’ll probably be 7 club parties on Tuesday alone)

7. COFFEE (Forgot what it was like to sit in class for 6 hours a day, huh?)

8. Travel Coffee Mug (Gets you a discount in Spangler/The Grille/Aldrich, what what! Also recommended: befriend the Cashiers… A little smile goes a long way for a healthy and fulfilling coffee-consumption relationship)

9. Flu shot, cough drops, and anti-bacterial hand lotion replica watches (Getting friendly = getting serious about health)

10. Family and non-HBS friends on your phone’s speed-dial (This place is amazing… But so are the people from outside campus who helped you get here. Keep in touch.)