Where in the World did you Spend your Summer–Lianne Pot (OB)

Travelled around the world


What did you do this summer?
I spent my summer on dusty trains, boats, slow ferries, rented off-road jeeps, and many air planes as I made my way backpacking around the world. I went on safari in Africa where I camped in the Serengeti with roaring lions in the background and grazing zebras next to my tent. I watched a World Cup match in Johannesburg (I have the vuvuzela to prove it), went trekking in Mozambique and relaxed on the beaches of Zanzibar. I flew to Australia where I traveled the Great Ocean Road, hiked through the Blue Mountains, sailed the Great Barrier Reef and walked on the beautiful beaches of the Whitsundays – beautiful doesn’t come close to describing the scenery there. I spent August in South America exploring Incan ruins in Peru, eating lots of great food in Brazil, visiting the symphony in Rio, dancing in Argentina and drinking caipirinhas on Ipanema beach. My favorite part of the trip was sharing it all with friends from HBS that I met along the way.

What was your background prior to HBS?
I worked for the Boston Consulting Group for almost 4 years in both the Amsterdam and Los Angeles offices. I am planning to return to BCG after graduation. Having that offer already in place gave me the opportunity to travel this summer instead of doing an internship.

Why did you choose to spend your summer traveling?
I have always wanted to travel around the world and the 3-month summer break provided a unique opportunity to finally do it. It was a different kind of experience. It allowed me to travel to distant places, visit new cultures and make lifelong memories with HBS friends around the world. Most of all it was just a lot of fun!

September 13, 2010
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