“My Section is the best. From the moment RCs are integrated into their HBS section, it’s the phrase that is most said and heard through the hallways of Aldrich. For those ECs who have moved out of the confining life of a Required Curriculum, it’s the one only agreed upon by those lucky enough to share the same letter. Unfortunately, on a campus where classroom air is heavy with ridiculous conjectures, it stands alone as the most subjective and impossible-to-prove statement. Until now.

Enter the HBS-SA Cup. A set of parallel (RC and EC), year-long sports competitions, The Cup brings standardized quality to HBS intramural sports and layers on top a variety of section competitions. Using the four classic HBS intramural sports (flag football, volleyball, indoor soccer, and basketball) as a foundation, the scoring system (see below for more information) ensures that every game matters. Further, having a flexible platform allows for the running of one-off events that are already in the works (e.g. Dodgeball, HBS 10k) and for the creation of new section competitions throughout the year (ex. – Spinning competition). At HBS, intramural sports have long been a cornerstone tradition bringing sections together while fueling healthy competition. Regardless of your status as a hardcore athlete or just a section supporter, this year the competition becomes even more real, as sections vie not only to win specific intramural leagues, but also to become the first ever HBS-SA Cup champions. Who will be the RC and EC sections etched onto a pair of trophies that will surely be around for a very long time? Logistics and Scoring

At the foundation of the HBS-SA Cup are the four intramural sports: Flag Football, Volleyball, Indoor Soccer, and Basketball. Both the RC and EC leagues (yes, they are now separate) have been divided into two separate groups. Each team will play 5 regular season games before the top two teams proceed onto the playoffs. At that point, a seeded, single-elimination tournament will be used to set up the School Championship between the top RC and top EC section in each sport, the winner of which will receive not just school bragging rights, but some surely conspicuous prizes. May the best team win.

Attaching the sport to the overall HBS-SA Cup is a scoring system designed to make every game matter to the larger competition.
Where to look for us
Our hope is to make intramural sports as transparent and participatory as possible. With that in mind, check us out either virtually in discussion forums (read: trash talk) by visiting the brand new “HBS-Sa Cup” page on facebook, or in person on the new Standings board to be placed on campus. Our aim is to have up to the date standings, as well as recaps from the latest games. Regardless of whether you’re an athlete or not, there will be plenty of ways to keep up with your team. Further, if you ever wish to see the pride that you’re battling for materialized, go no farther than Spangler, the home of the Cup once it’s made the trek from the forge to the hallowed halls of HBS.

How to get more involved
If you’d like to get more involved in the HBS-SA Cup, we’d love to have you. Whether you’d like to help run one of the sports/events, start a new sport/event yourself, act as a photographer or writer for the games, help out generally with marketing, or just overall find a way to be involved, let us (Luke and Ajay) know.

Authors’ biography
Luke Owings is President of Old Section J. He spends every morning waking up, believing he’s still a D-I athlete until he gets back on the field and realizes anew that he’s getting old. He is the Co-President of the Basketball Club and loves his job teaching Economics to the undergrads across the river. He is a co-founder of the HBS-SA Cup.

Ajay Kori is President of Old Section F. When not cheering his section to the championship of intramural basketball (his basketball ‘skills’ have not yet earned him much court time), he acts as a co-founder of the Tanzania Water Partners, Co-President of the Southern Student’s Association, and is currently exploring launching an online men’s fashion start-up this fall. He is a co-founder of the HBS-SA Cup.

September 20, 2010
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