SA Weekly- HBS SA – Cup Highlights

Week 3 RC Game of the Week:
NG over NF

In a heartbreaking loss Section F (Wolfpack) fell to Section G 26-22. The Wolfpack started hot as QB Ezra Hernandez topped off a 6-play, 56 yard drive with a TD toss to receiver Mark Lurie. After a Section G score, Section F roared back again when Ezra Hernandez connected with Josh Johnson for another touchdown in the back of the endzone on the ensuing series, putting the Wolfpack up 14-6. Another score by G would put F up going into halftime, 14-12.

The second half was more of the same as the two quarterbacks swapped scores. While G came out of the half and scored quickly, Ezra would respond with a toss to Jonas Akins. Akins in fact caught the ball 5 yards shy of the endzone, but plowed his way past the sticks, shedding defenders left and right. A follow-on TD by G would put the Wolfpack down 26-22 with 4 minutes left.ÿ

On the ensuing possession, the Wolfpack thought they had seized the lead when a TD toss to Josh Johnson was initially ruled complete in the back of the end zone. The line judge would later rule that Johnson had caught the ball out of bounds. Despite turning the ball over on downs, the Wolfpack defense held strong and gave the offense one last shot with 50 seconds remaining. Unfortunately, Hernandez was flushed out of the pocket on a blitz and a last ditch throw to Sam Jackson fell incomplete

Throughout the game, the Wolfpack was supported heavily by its fans. Special thanks go out to the “Gong Crew” of Hiba Siddiqui and Sarah Paiji.

Week 3 EC Game of the Week:
OE over OH

OE overcomes 18-point first half deficit, defeats OH 33-24 for first win
After two heartbreaking losses on the last snap of their first two games, the OE Fighting Emus notched their first victory of the season with a stunning 33-24 come from behind win over OH. Down 18-0 only 11 minutes into the game, the Emus maintained their composure and clawed their way back into the contest. Led by captain/QB Brian “Michael Vick” Thorne, OE deliberately marched the ball down the field for their first score. Chris “MVP” Cummings, newly acquired in the offseason from HLS, used his 6’6” frame in Randy Moss-like fashion, while Erik “Fleet Feet” Lampe picked apart the OH zone defense. Rachael “Only Girl” Gursky found the end zone, while Ken “Yes My Shirt Ripped But I Played On” Bernard provided stout blocking and a backfield passing game Marshall Faulk wishes he could imitate. Dan “I’m the President B****” Koh complemented the receiving corps by running excellent possession routes, while Josh “Get Dirty” Solera came up with a key interception to prevent another OH first-half score.ÿ
The Emus (1-2) will take on OB (2-1) next week looking to run their win streak to 2.

Trash-talk of the Week:
ÿWeek 4: OG over OC

Not since the Bay of Pigs has a President so blatantly laid his troops out to dry as Brett Gibson did today by avoiding the slaughter that OG brought on to OC. Then again, had he been there he would have had to witness first-hand Moe Taylor’s two touchdown receptions past a winded Matt Wolf, Alexi Nazem’s frequent speed bursts past Ario Keshani and Priscilla Rodriguez’s offensive and defensive intimidation. However, maybe Gibson could have helped Brandon Giles who needed some assistance on his counts to five-Mississippi and flat-footed quarterback rushing. I think we all learned that a lack of offensive mojo and an unimpressive “D” are anything but sexy…OG wins 41-18!