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This week, the HBS-SA Cup continues its march through the fall with the 3rdÿweek of the Volleyball season. Full standings for both the overall Cup and the Volleyball league will come out next week both in the Harbus and on the scoreboard in Shad.ÿ For now though, the Cup reaches its first milestone this week, when the hard-fought flag football season reaches its close with the final battle between RCs and ECs on the gridiron in the School Championship on Wednesday.ÿ

The game will either be played during the afternoon on the normal field or in the evening under the lights on Cumnock Fields.ÿ The RC team that emerges from Monday night’s RC Championship will come in as the heavy underdog to the experienced EC squad, OI, winner of the EC Championship by a score of 14-12 over OD (full recap below).ÿ
Information about the Championship Game
The game will be at on Wednesday, November 10th.ÿThere is no class the next day, so come out and cheer on your class and then join everyone out afterwards. Everyone at the game from the winning section will receive a FREE ‘Flag Football Champions’ t-shirt.ÿ

EC Championship Recap: OI triumphant over OD in last second thriller
OI celebrates after winning the EC Championship. On a six game winning streak, they come into the School Championship as decided favorites

Defense was the name of the game on this night.ÿIn the end, OI’s tenacious defense and sound offensive execution lifted them over OD, 14-12.ÿ While both of these squads tout fantastic defenses, their offenses have been the talk of the season. Richmond McMurray had been relatively unstoppable as a run threat for OD all season and OI’s depth at the receiver position allowed Cole VandenAkker to pick amongst a slew of big play making targets, including AJ “The Great White Hope” Dunklau, Kyle “The Dream” Gallary, Kat “Mrs. President” Hebert, and Sarah “Hotlanta” Smith.ÿMost expected a much higher scoring game – not the case.

OD struck first after McMurray hit Jim “You’re in Good Hands With” McQuade on a deep ball and then scrambled for a short yardage score, but failed on their 1-point conversion. OI answered quickly. A nifty 50-yard scramble by VandenAkker left OI with first and goal on the 5-yard line.ÿ Dustin “The Chosen One” Sedgwick hauled in a TD in the corner of the end zone to knot the game at 6-6. OI executed their extra point try to perfection as Freddie “I’m in Your Head” Martignetti found himself wide open in the end zone.ÿHalftime score: OI leads 7-6.

The second half saw more defensive showcasing as both teams struggled to convert. OI found itself in the red zone on numerous occasions but continued to come up empty handed as OD’s defense held strong.ÿ OI’s defense was outstanding as Yemi “The Nigerian Nightmare” Owolewa and Josh “All Blacks” Gregg contained McMurray with their tenacious rush, keeping him from breaking free on any long scrambles. Jeremy “The Kid” Lipstein, Russ “The Silent Assassin” Warren, and Jake “The Snake” Johnston all made sure that McMurray never made it deep into the secondary once he crossed the line of scrimmage. A well executed drive led to another OD score to make it 12-7. Electing to go for two to make up for their missed extra point in the first half, OD looked for McQuade in the corner of the end zone but stifling defense by Kevin “Ball Hawk” Taylor led to another missed conversion.

With the second half wearing on, OI went to work. On the first play of the next possession, respect for Matt “You Can’t Stop Me” Tolliver’s skills drew double coverage and VandenAkker found Sedgwick wide open on a deep post.ÿOI found themselves with a 4thÿand 8 in their own territory, similar to the position they found themselves in last week against OB. Showing confidence in their offense yet again, they elected to go for it. Martignetti beat his man on a corner route and hauled in a great catch, out-jumping his man to pull in the catch for a huge first down.ÿOn 3rdÿand goal from the seven yard-line, Bart “You Can Only Hope to Contain Me” Howe executed a perfect drag route to get open in the back of the end zone to give OI the lead 13-12. Sedgwick pulled down another extra point to make the score 14-12.

OD got the ball back with two minutes remaining, determined to march down the field and score for the win.ÿOI looked as if they were going to stop OD deep in their own territory but a long conversion on 3rdÿdown got them a first down.ÿ With 45 seconds left and the clock ticking, OD called a time out to draw up a play. A 3rdÿdown conversion over the middle left OD with 4thÿand goal at the ten yard line.ÿThe clock continued to tick. OD called another timeout with 20 seconds left in the game. This was it.ÿ 4thÿand goal.ÿ Game on the line.ÿBoth teams lined up, ball snapped, McMurray scrambled, buying himself time, looking for a man on an out route at the goal line for the win.ÿ Not tonight.Martignetti was there with blanket coverage to break up the pass!ÿOI stormed the field, victorious, EC Champs.ÿGreat game by both squads and mad props to the fans that showed up.ÿ OI will play the RC Champ next Wednesday night under the lights.ÿCome support your class!ÿ ÿ

Authors’ Biography
Luke Owings is President of Old Section J. He spends every morning waking up, believing he’s still a D-I athlete until he gets back on the field and realizes anew that he’s getting old. He is the Co-President of the Basketball Club and loves his job teaching Economics to the undergrads across the river. He is a co-founder of the HBS-SA Cup.

Ajay Kori is President of Old Section F. When not cheering his section to the championship of intramural basketball (his basketball ‘skills’ have not yet earned him much court time), he acts as a co-founder of the Tanzania Water Partners, Co-President of the Southern Student’s Association, and is currently exploring launching an online men’s fashion start-up this fall. He is a co-founder of the HBS-SA Cup.