Rugby Player Profile

Wizard of the Wing, Master of the Match, Humble Servant to Double B (Godfather of Rugby), Director of Sponsorship

6 foot, 200 lbs.

Outside Center or Wing.

Wearing my camo snuggie, face chugging in nursing homes, and going shirtless in the Harvard Sq 7-Eleven.

Channel surfing and accidentally landing on an episode of Rachael Ray, people who purchase gourmet cat food, and twin/double-wide baby strollers, which occupy an entire sidewalk.

When did you start playing rugby:
I began playing rugby in the fall of 2009. I had played many sports throughout high school, including minor league baseball during my freshman year of college, but I never had an opportunity to give rugby a shot. I had no idea how rugby was played so I applied what I knew from football in my first game against New London. When the game was over, 2009 captain, James “Jungle” Joun came up to me and asked, “Are you sure you’ve never played rugby before?” That was kind of awesome.

How has rugby changed your future career goals:
I had intended on getting my MBA about five years ago but instead I focused on starting a company. With my latest start-up, which develops coolers for vaccine transport within the developing world, attending business school has become more important than ever. Playing with the rugby team has given me valuable insight into HBS culture, the classrooms, the professors, and the students that otherwise might not be available. My teammates are all-around solid, happy, ambitious guys who provide peer support, camaraderie, and a sense of unity; not only as a team but also with similarly aligned professional aspirations. My teammates certainly supported my intent to pursue an MBA.

Favorite memory of playing rugby at HBS:
Playing rugby in Ireland last March was phenomenal. I won’t ever forget that tour.

Who’s your favorite player on the team:
That would have to be Kohei Umakoshi. He not only seems to be the happiest dude on the planet but he’s also a ninja at faking a switch.

Author’s Biography
An ardent disciple and zealous critic of Jack Welch, Tom spent three years working at General Electric in finance and the past summer running around Europe doing business development for Medtronic.ÿ He has moved 27 times and has lived in four different countries. He is a proud member of old Section B.

November 1, 2010
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