Rugby Player Profile

Hooker… it’s not what it sounds like; I generally play with all my clothes on.

5ft 5in, 170lb; the same height as Lil Wayne but infinitely stronger.

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland also the birthplace of the great sport of Rugby.

Why did you get into rugby:
As a wee lad of seven it occurred to me that my dreams of starring in the NBA and dunking on Shaq were not to be.

Favorite player at HBS:
Josh “Wildman” Walton (H.PhD). Someone once asked “What do you get if you cross a ballerina with a bastard?” The answer was Seve Ballasteros. Just like Ballasteros, Josh combines the quality of both those animals. He has the lithe sophistication of a ballerina, combined with the ruthless thuggery of a bastard.

Favorite pro player:
Anton Oliver (former All Blacks hooker and captain). We both played for the Oxford rugby team. Also, the width of four of his fingers is equal to the height of a pint glass. Cheers!

Women below the height of 5ft 5in, and of course rugby socials.

Steak cooked anything above medium rare, early mornings.

Activities off the pitch:
Lawyer, Scholar, Theologian, Poet, Politician, Massive Lad, Landscape Gardner, Chiropractor, Gentleman, Chef, Archer, Self-esteem Consultant, and Lover.

Author’s Biography
An ardent disciple and zealous critic of Jack Welch, Tom spent three years working at General Electric in finance and the past summer running around Europe doing business development for Medtronic.ÿ He has moved 27 times and has lived in four different countries. He is a proud member of Section B (Go beauties and beasts!), a 06′ graduate of Virginia Tech with degrees in Entrepreneurship and Finance, and a Certified Public Accountant. Endowed with a ferocious appetite and metabolism, he consumes 5,000-6,000 calories a day but never gains an ounce of weight; he is a particular sucker for fruit smoothies but also recommends the 1.6lb Beckett Burger at McGreevy’s in Boston.

October 25, 2010
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