MBA Technology Improvements

The article shares with MBA students the new technology enhancements put in place at the beginning of the semester. These enhancements include the automatic display of classes and required events on Outlook calendar, the availability of a mobile phone version of class cards, and an increase in email storage quota.

This semester, MBA IT welcomed HBS students with several technological enhancements aimed at making life a little easier. Some of these features are very apparent, like the automatic listing of classes in the Outlook calendar, while others are a bit more hidden but equally helpful. The technology committee wants to share with you information about these features, which were developed based on student feedback.

As you may have noticed, your classes and required events now automatically appear in your Outlook calendar. These “meetings” provide information on your courses, including name, topic, location, and time, and also feature a direct link to the entry in Course Platform. Any changes in Course Platform are automatically sent to your Outlook calendar every 20 minutes. Now there is no more excuse for being unprepared for class. It is important to note that you should not make annotations or changes to these meetings as these will be lost. Do not modify the subject or the ID in the body of the event. This ID allows the system to identify the event and refresh any important changes. If modified, you will likely end up with multiple entries for that same event. For more information about how this feature works, go to MBA IT in your MyHBS site.

Another new technology improvement this semester is the mobile version of “classcards,” accessible on your mobile web browser by logging into This site allows MBA students to more easily obtain contact information for students, faculty and staff, as well as classmates’ registered picture, email, address and telephone numbers.

A third technology enhancement, to be implemented in November, is an increase in email quota to 1GB. Currently, students are only allowed to maintain 450 megabytes’ worth of emails “online.” ECs might remember receiving emails requesting them to archive their information into their hard drives (which, by the way, is great practice since you might want to retain some emails after HBS). The new quota keeps up with the increasing demand for storage due to the crazy amount of email we send each other at HBS.

All in all, we hope you will find these improvements to be helpful in your success at HBS.

Luis Meza is co-chair of the technology committee and the former tech rep superstar of section I.
Tawanda Sibanda (OA) is the co-chair of the technology committee. Shoot all tech questions his way at

September 27, 2010
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