HBS SA – Weekly – Flag Football Week 5 Highlights

EC Game of the Week:
OA over OE 26-20

An epic battle arose in the final hours of the regular season of HBS Flag-Football 2010. With “Eye of the Tiger” playing in the background, OA took the field never in their whole time together having won a flag football game.ÿ More than few tough losses over the past two seasons left them with only pride to play for against the playoff hopefuls from OE (with a win, they would make the playoffs). The game started with defensive stands as both sides needed to punt the ball. However, Rajeev Varma trotted by OE’s defense behind OA’s impenetrable Mighty Ducks-esque “flying V”, led by Casey Taylor and Isaiah “The Kid” Kacyvenski. A grueling first half ended with the score in a dead-lock at 14-14. OA played “lights-out” defense in the second half with Paxton Badham and David Shear intercepting OE quarterback Brian Thorne 3 times. OA tied the game with 45 seconds left in the game as Larry “This is My House” Sadaka snatched the ball away from Brian Vickery and waltzed in for the TD. And then, it was time to believe in miracles.ÿ With just 3 seconds left, Brian Thorne threw a Hail Mary with the weight of a playoff berth in the balance, but OA’s David Shear snatched the pass and used some fancy footwork to run by all six active OE players and high-step his way into the endzone for the game-winning 80-yard TD.ÿ For the first time, OA was able to celebrate and see a number other than ‘0’ in the win column next to their name.

EC Upset of the Week:
OB over OD 26-19

In a “must win” situation, and facing an undefeated OD squad, the “Beasts” from section OB came to play.ÿ Porter Jones led an efficient attack that consistently took advantage of soft man to man coverage via underneath throws.ÿ Anson Frericks was the offensive MVP, making several nice catches in pressure situations. OB’s vaunted defense once again shined – holding OD to only two offensive touchdowns.ÿ In the end, OB carried the day 26 – 19.ÿ Their win and the corresponding loss by OE (above) clinched a much deserved playoff berth for the ‘Beasts’.

EC Trash-Talk of the Week:
OG over OJ 45-22

OJ…you got spiked! The commish changed the rule book (girl plays still matter, Luke) and paid off the refs (Max, replay shows that wasn’t a pick) but somehow still couldn’t keep up with the speed and resolve of OG. Dan Monahan had 743 yards receiving and 2 TDs, Romeo somehow managed a TD and a great smile without cleats and Jordan Bohnen caught just the tip from Trip Wagoner. A great defensive effort by Dan Jamieson, John Roby, Brian Kilburn, and Big Beef (self-annointed) shut down Whitney and their cute “kitty cat” offense. OG advances to round 1 of their quest to supremacy by the score of 45-22!