HBS SA Social Impact Initiative

A top priority for next year’s Student Association (SA) is creating more opportunities for HBS students to serve in the local community. The initiative is part of an overall shake-up of the SA – its purpose and value to students. Throughout our conversations, one of the recurring suggestions we’ve heard from students is to offer more opportunities for community service and overall meaningful shared experiences. Can you imagine the positive impact on the local community and HBS culture if 1,800 HBS students pitched in to serve each week? After meeting with more than 30 clubs and section leaders to discuss our vision for next year, we’ve begun to formulate a community service initiative. With your help, we’ll make the vision a reality with a surge in community involvement!

What is our vision?
The SA wants to provide ECs and RCs an opportunity to serve every week next year. Buses will arrive every Friday afternoon to pick students up at Spangler Hall after their last classes. Buses will transport students to places such as Boston Public Schools, Habitat for Humanity or the Harvard University Soup Kitchen. Students will serve together on high-impact projects for 1-2 hours, attend a happy hour and then return to campus before dinnertime. Are you excited yet?

How will this be accomplished?
Each week a different section or club will “host” the project, although every week all students are encouraged and invited to attend. Turnout will be measured and tracked against participation by other sections. At the end of each semester a section winner will be announced and rewarded with boasting rights and claim to an outdoor BBQ with free food and beer. As always with SA events partners, faculty and staff will be encouraged to attend!

Can anyone else participate?
As mentioned above, HBS Clubs can also “host” service events. Clubs can choose service projects important to their core values. This offers a chance for clubs to recruit new members and showcase their mission and values to the HBS community.

How can I get involved now?
Please contact us today if you would like help plan and coordinate service projects for next year. We’ll be working closely with section volunteer reps and club leadership to launch the project. Stay tuned and plan to participate each week next year! Together, we can provide meaningful and constructive service to the greater Boston community.

Justine is an RC student from Section A, avid runner alongside the Charles and enthusiastic advocate for the twisted novel The Contortionist’s Handbook by Craig Clevenger.

Brett has traveled to 23 countries, run two marathons and was born with six wisdom teeth. He is currently president of New C and formerly served as both an Army Ranger and an analyst at Carlyle. His current projects include acting in the HBS Show and assisting with Haiti relief efforts through Harvard’s Operational Medicine Institute.