HBS Rugby Football Club (RFC) Crushes MIT

Lots of off season gym work paid dividends for HBS rugby as the squad came out bigger and faster than ever before in its season opening scrimmage against MIT. The old saying “if you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the other side of the Smoot bridge” held true once again as HBS delivered more than a bark. No less than three MIT players were carried off the field on stretchers, courtesy of clean but hard hitting from the HBS front line (all were taken to local medical centers and released). This created over an hour of injury delays, and it resulted in the MIT team playing ‘hot potato’ with the rugby ball as HBS closed in for more bone crushing tackles. As one bystander commented, “they have a pretty badass team here including former Navy Seals, Special Forces, Marines, Army Rangers, Air Force Pilots, and Intelligence Officers. The HBS rugby team has everything you need to demolish a country. I would not want to get in their way.” Leading the charge was open-side flanker Warren Anderson who walked off the field during one game delay to report that he “kept hearing crunching sounds every time he tackled MIT players.” These sounds were confirmed by the large crowd that flocked out to see the team compete under the bright fall sun.

Team captain Chris Cowan was upbeat after the game, pointing out that the team had seen limited practice time together and had “nothing but upside.”ÿCowan said the team had the best talent on the pitch Saturday, and probably the best in the league.ÿ When asked about his outlook for the season he said “our returning players are all solid and our new guys are a mix of experienced rugby players and great athletes. Once we gel as a team it is going to be a long 80 minutes each week for these other squads.” The B-side team also had a strong showing against Tuffs, jumping out to an early lead thanks to hard running and strong tackling but came up short on a dramatic last second score by the visiting team. The HBS team has its first regular season game this Saturday (9/18) at 2PM against Springfield on the HBS home pitch.

Player Profile: Emeka Oguh (OC)
This week I had the pleasure to sit down with Emeka Oguh one of the standout players on the HBS rugby team in what will be a series of interviews over the coming weeks. This fine gentleman’s time is hard to come by as he keeps up quite the schedule these days which includes: juggling a full class load, traveling around the world, managing the rugby club’s massive budget as CFO, partying like a rock star, dominating rugby games, bench pressing the entire Harvard cheerleading squad with one arm, and signing autographs for a constant stream of fans. So, here is what you should know about the man in his own words:

Still have not quite figured it out but I line up with some guys butt on my shoulder which is why I think they call it “flanker.”

6 foot, 1 inch


Union, NJ. ÿBest known for the opening scene in Howard Stern’s movie “Private Parts”. Located in North Jersey, not to be confused with South Jersey, the Jersey Shore, Snookie or J-Wow.

How did you get into Rugby:
I started playing during my RC year, it was a great way to stay in shape and build lasting friendships by hitting people.

Miami, rugby socials, Entourage, scorpion bowls at the Kong

Vampire movies, skinny jeans (don’t we all?), morning classes, cubicles

Best memory of playing rugby at HBS:
The Wharton Tournament followed by the “Walnut Walk”, which is a pub-crawl in a business suit minus pants. ÿBusiness up top, party down low.

Advice for RCs:
Join men’s or women’s rugby, live happily ever after.