Explore Local Destinations with Weecation.com

Do you find yourself stuck in the same routine during weekends? Do you wish there were more to life than laundry and walking across the bridge? You might not get the time to fly to London, but you feel it would be refreshing to explore someplace new, quaint and potentially “New England” with your friends or loved ones. The HBS bubble is formidable and no doubt you’ve found yourself in Cambridge, Harvard Square, and even (don’t deny it!) The Kong – weekend after weekend after weekend.

Time and time again many people (especially business students!) find themselves in this situation of knowing there is more to life.. Chances are you’ve been to theÿJohn Hancock Towerÿor walked throughÿBoston Common and the Public Garden. I spent most of 2009 and 2010 exploring Boston- and it left me wanting to search for more.

Recently I promised myself I would look for places and events outside of Boston to explore during my weekends. For example, I travelled to Nantucket, walked downÿBluff Walk,ÿand visited Newport’s Mansions as well asÿThe Breaker. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to you really should, before it’s too late. New England is filled with so many historic sites and weekend destinations.

That’s why I’m so excited about a new startup, Weecation.com, that two ECs, Erik Eliason and Yohanes Frezgi, co-founded. Weecation helps consumers explore new local destinations ÿ and offers daily deals within a two hour drive- a great weekend getaway solution! Essentially they work with a merchant to offer a extremely compelling deals to consumers for great weekend activities.

“We’ve found local merchants, such as hoteliers and lodge owners are very interested in the service we’re offering” mentioned Eliason. “Hotel vacancy is very cyclical which results in empty rooms and lost revenue. We want to help local businesses improve their bottom line.”

For consumers, they offer a discovery tool and deep discounts. “Our target is discounts over 50% off regular prices” said Frezgi. “Consumers expect a great deal today; that’s why websites like Gilt Groupe, Groupon, and Living Social have really taken off.”

The first deal is a fall getaway in New Hampshire. Weecation partnered with Mountain View Resort, an Editor’s Choice by Yankee Magazine, to offer a couple’s package at 58% off. The weekend price is $149, but is valued at $359. It includes a one night stay for two in a Jacuzzi suite and a three course dinner and breakfast for two at an award winning restaurant.

With one deal live, the startup already has more weekend packages in queue. According to Frezgi “We have a few more deals for the upcoming weeks, but we’re open to ideas from HBS students. If students want a great deal- reach out to us, we’d be happy to help”