Emerging from the Bubble

This week’s column is going to be short and sweet. I think I’ve exhausted all of the advice I can give to my fellow ECs. Now we just have to take the leap and rejoin the real world. So instead I’d like to use my space to say a few Thank you’s.

Thank you to The Harbus for giving me the outlet to print my thoughts each week. (Even if no one reads my column. That’s OK, I know people are busy around here.) I appreciate the opportunity to publish my words into the ether because the weekly deadline instilled discipline in my writing. A special thanks goes out to Joanne Knight for roping me into The Harbus last year with a piece on the Inauguration and creating the idea for this column in the first place.

Thank you to the staff at HBS, from Media Services to Restaurant Associates, Operations to the MBA Fellowship Program. You make this school run seamlessly and your hard work is not overlooked. Whether supporting the countless conferences and performances or keeping the candy bucket full on the 2nd floor of Spangler, you contribute to our lives every day. (That means you, Andrew Falzone, Diana Han, Erin Lawler, Eric Moss, Matthew Briggs, Post Office John, and so many more.)

Thank you to the faculty, especially my professors from the last two years. (Hey, it’s my column.) You have not only taught us so many amazing things, but also shared yourself with us day after day. I’d like to extend a special thanks to Clay Christensen, Youngme Moon, Anita Elberse, Tom Eisenmann, Noam Wasserman and Peter Olson.

Thank you to my Social Enterprise Conference team. It was seriously the capstone of my HBS experience, and you were integral to that success. Behrad Mahdi, Jacob Donnelly, Paul Luning: you rock my socks off. Social Enterprise Initiative folks, you too.

Thank you to my roommate, Charlotte Blank, for a great two years. Good luck in Detroit this fall! I’m sure General Motors doesn’t know what beauty and brilliance they have coming their way.

Thank you to my fellow classmates. You’ve taught me so much, and I’m not sure how I managed to create memories with nearly all 899 of you, but I did. (I’m pretty sure I have Facebook proof.) I’ve never met such an intelligent, attractive and magnetic group of people, and you have each been essential to this “transformational experience.” Have a great summer (be safe! get health insurance!) and good luck on the first day at your new jobs. Please keep in touch (and come to the reunions!).

Lastly, I would like to include a thought from my speech at the Fellowship dinner two weeks ago. I’d like to propose that the world is not changed through talent alone, but through talent shared with and cultivated in others. Through our experiences and education we have been afforded a unique perspective on the world. The influence we can have by sharing that perspective can be huge. We have the ability to broaden someone’s mind, to encourage them to dream bigger dreams, and to provide the opportunities to pursue them. So pay it forward; invest in future generations and keep the virtuous cycle alive.

Hey RCs, the torch has been passed. We’re leaving HBS in your hands: keep creating the magic.

Thank you and peace out.

Authors Biography
Christina Wallace is an EC from Lansing, Michigan. This is her fourteenth and final piece for The Harbus.

April 26, 2010
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