Career Profiles – Sorina Casian-Botez

Career Field Prior to HBS:
Senior Supervisor, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Paris, France

Position in Bain :
Summer Associate

Why did you choose an internship with Bain?
I had already decided to focus on consulting as a natural transition from my previous job as an auditor. I wanted to impact my clients’ business in a more substantial way so I sought to join a firm that is as “obsessed” about delivering results as I was. Given Bain’s track record, it was an easy choice. Second, I believe you can “judge” companies based on the interactions during the interviews. From all the people I met during the interview process, the Bainees really stood out. They were passionate and knowledgeable people, very demanding yet fun and stimulating. More than anything, they determined me to choose Bain for my summer internship.

What made you decide on interning in Paris?
Mainly personal reasons that required my presence in Paris. Also, Bain Paris is one of the largest European offices, with an international portfolio of clients. My project, for instance, was based half in France, half in the UK, so I had the opportunity to work directly with partners from the UK office.

Summarize your internship experience – the good, the bad & the overall.
I liked the challenge of my project and the autonomy I had on my work stream. There is a real attention paid to providing each team member with significant and challenging assignments so that each can grow as a professional. I also welcomed the international exposure and the opportunity to work with teams in the London office. My main takeaways, however, were the Bainees. All firms praise their employees and their internal culture but Bain’s exceeded all expectations. Our week of training in Cape Cod was like coming back to HBS but at an even higher level of diversity. My project team was both an invaluable source of learning and support but also a stimulating force that pushed me beyond my personal comfort zone. I met personally with the entire leadership team and recognized the same professional quality and passion for knowledge, results and meaningful connections I had sensed earlier in the interviews. It comes as no surprise that next September I will be a Bainee.