Career Profiles – Roy Ben-Dor

Career Field Prior to HBS:
Management Consulting

Position in Bridgewater Associates:
Senior Management Associate (SMA)

Why did you choose an internship with Bridgewater?
I wanted to try out either general management or investing and Bridgewater gave me a chance to learn about both.ÿOf the opportunities within general management that I was looking at, its culture was by far the most aligned with my values, and I felt it had the most potential from a career path perspective.ÿ Although Bridgewater has been around for a quarter-century, in many ways it is still a highly evolving company.ÿ That, coupled with its non-hierarchical structure and philosophy, provides someone out of b-school the opportunity to really shape and contribute to the firm’s development.ÿ It also didn’t hurt that they have the best-stocked kitchen I’ve ever seen, and I’m a bit of a snacker.ÿ

What made you decide on interning on the East Coast?
I have lived all over the country – New York, New Jersey, Kentucky, Texas, California, North Carolina – so I was pretty flexible in terms of location, but both my family and my fiance’s family are in New York/New Jersey so, all things being equal, we wanted to be in that area.ÿ Bridgewater makes it very easy to commute from “the city” to the office by supplying a private bus that runs both ways every weekday.ÿ

Summarize your summer internship experience – the good, the bad & the overall.
I reported directly to Greg Jensen, co-CEO/CIO, and worked with him and his management team on a number of Bridgewater’s most important issues.ÿ The opportunity to engage in such high-level problems with someone of Greg’s intellectual caliber was a rewarding experience both personally and developmentally.ÿ It also demonstrated to me the level of investment Bridgewater is prepared to make in its summer program and the management associate role generally.ÿ Although the content was challenging and stimulating, what really set the Bridgewater experience apart was the culture – it creates an accelerated learning environment in which one simultaneously learns a great deal about management, markets and oneself.ÿ The only “bad” in my experience was that the easy access to delicious food set me back on my wedding diet.

February 22, 2010
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