Career Profiles – Fereshteh Zeineddin

Career Field Prior to HBS:
L’Oreal Canada, Sales, Vancover

Position in LVMH :
Marketing intern, Louis Vuitton, NY

Why did you choose an internship with LVMH?
Having come from a sales function at L’Oreal, I knew that I wanted to explore the field of marketingÿas the next step in my career; and what better way toÿachieveÿthatÿgoalÿthan through a marketing internship? I interviewed for a number ofÿinternshipsÿwith a variety of organizations,ÿranging from CPG companies to medical equipmentÿmanufacturers. It was,ÿhowever,ÿmy curiosity forÿthe luxury goods world that drew me towardsÿa summer internship atÿLouis Vuitton.ÿÿTheÿcompany’sÿcorporate environmentÿwasÿdynamic and exciting, and aÿcommon passionÿfor the brand among theÿcompany’s employees was immediately evident.ÿÿThat being said, what was most impressive about Louis Vuitton’s corporate culture was that despite having an unbelievably strong brand, the company viewed its people as its most valuable asset. The eight-week internship reinforced my belief that a company is only as good as the people it employs.

What made you decide on interning on the East Coast?
Location was not the biggest deciding factor for me throughout my internship search. I was more concerned with the company and the internship opportunity. However, when I started interviewing with Louis Vuitton and a number of other firms based out of New York City, I quickly fell in loveÿwithÿit.ÿÿHaving grown up on the WestÿCoast, I had never lived in such a vibrant place and wanted the opportunity to feel the pulse of the city from within.ÿÿFurther, I sawÿNew York Cityÿÿ(the fashion capital of North America)ÿas the ideal place to start exploring a career in the retail industry.ÿÿUltimately,ÿthe high cost of living, cramped living space and occasionalÿvisits from friendlyÿrodents were outweighed by theÿcity’s high-pace work culture and lively social scene.ÿÿÿ

Summarize your internship experience – the good, the bad & the overall.
During my internship,ÿI worked with the Client Development team in Louis Vuitton’s marketing department, where I was responsible for the creation and implementation of client relationship management initiatives aimed at elevating the customer experience. My self-initiated summer internship project was to revamp and reposition the Louis Vuitton client book, an in-store tool used by managers and sales associates to capture client information and strengthen customer relations.ÿI was pleasantly surprised at how receptive the company was to the changes I proposed. It was refreshing to be part of a company that, while rooted in timeless tradition and culture, was open to new ideas and change. I really enjoyed my time at Louis Vuitton andÿlook forward to joining the company after graduation.

February 22, 2010
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