Career Profiles – Courtney Zeph

Career Field Prior to HBS:
Auditor at Pricewaterhousecoopers

Position in JP Morgan:
Investment Banking Associate,
Technology, Media & Telecom Group

Why did you choose an internship with J.P. Morgan?
Initially, I was very broad in my summer internship search.ÿ I spoke with consulting firms, other banks, and different divisions within J.P. Morgan.ÿÿ In addition to its great reputation, J.P. Morgan stood out to me because of the people I met during the recruiting process.ÿ They went out of their way to answer my questions and to put me in contact with new people, even if it meant I would potentially work in a different line of business.ÿÿ I really respected and felt comfortable with everyone I met, which made J.P. Morgan an easy choice. ÿ

What made you decide on interning on the East Coast?
I worked in New York City prior to business school and knew I wanted to return after HBS. Professionally, I think working in New York offers a lot of great opportunities for a career in finance, and personally, I think it’s a really fun, exciting place to live. Working in New York definitely involves some tradeoffs though.ÿWith my previous employer, I transferred from Chicago to New York, and I immediately noticed a big difference in the office culture and the type of work we handled.ÿ Generally speaking, I think it’s important to try to intern where you would like to live after graduation because it really provides a better understanding of the work environment.ÿ

Summarize your internship experience – the good, the bad & the overall.
I had a great experience working at J.P. Morgan and learned an amazing amount over the course of the summer.ÿ We started off with training, and the following Tuesday, I flew to Toronto to meet with a client for a live M&A deal. This first project showed me that I would be given responsibility and that I had the opportunity to add value to the team, both of which were important to me.ÿ Admittedly, the first few weeks were a little overwhelming, but other interns, coworkers and mentors were always willing to answer questions.ÿJ.P. Morgan also arranged frequent Q&A sessions with senior management, which were really interesting and a good way to catch up with the other interns.