Career Profiles – Courtney Bass

Career Field Prior to HBS:
Teach for America, Philadelphia

Founded & ran small travel company Beijing, China

Position in Monitor Group:
Summer Consultant

Why did you choose an internship with Monitor Group?
There were two major things that drew me to Monitor’s summer program. The first was that the program is really small; there were only 8 summer consultants in all of North America and we were all in the Boston office together. ÿI was very excited to get to know people in my cohort really well. Second, I was able to work on two projects simultaneously during my summer – one was for a major household goods company and the other was an internal project for Monitor’s non-profit practice. It was great to be getting both client-facing experience and a first-hand view of how part of the company ran.

What made you decide on interning on the East Coast?
All of Monitor’s North America Summer Consultants work out of the Cambridge office, which is the company’s headquarters. Besides the obvious benefit of being able to stay in my HBS housing and not pay extra rent, I was able to meet and spend time with the managing partners of the firm on a weekly basis.

Summarize your internship experience – the good, the bad & the overall.ÿ
I had a fabulous time last summer at Monitor. It was a perfect blend of fun – tours of Boston, bar crawls, a weekend trip to the Cape – and serious case work. I have heard that sometimes in internships, companies don’t give you much work so that you think you like the job. The opposite is true at Monitor; I had a good deal of work to do for my project, and there were definitely a few late nights. But it was great, because I truly knew what I was signing up for when I decided to return to Monitor after HBS. I also really enjoyed how the program was designed for Summer Consultants to get to know as many people in the firm as possible. We were often invited to partners’ homes for dinner and spent a good amount of time getting to know people both in and out of our case teams. The only downside of my summer was that most of my case team was located in the New York office, which meant lots of time on the phone and occasional miscommunication. I think some things are just easier said and done in person.

February 22, 2010
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