By the Numbers

Trying to quantify the world around us, one week at a time. Most “facts” are true, and some are close enough. You be the judge.

Number of “Pocahottie” dresses remaining at iParty on October 15. Store managers remain baffled by the number of men “buying outfits for their girlfriends.”

Mountain Dew consumption increase last week, after the RC marketing case. But we definitely aren’t susceptible to propaganda.

Odds Brett Favre retires before the end of the 2010-11 season. Karma’s been coming back to haunt him in a big way of late, and it seems he’s living on borrowed time in the NFL.

Expense reimbursement available for each HBS Business Plan submissions. Sadly, “meals, entertainment, or hardwear, or electronic items” are not eligible. Guess I’ll have to fund the iPad purchase another way.

Years until the expected release date for Avatar 2.

Months it takes to build a Boeing jet.

Average number of cases read, out of 3 assigned, on Friday following the SA Halloween party. Gotta love the mid-week parties, especially when we don’t get gouged by an arbitrary $25 cover.

Harvard’s all-time record vs. “bitter rival” Yale in college football’s 3rd-oldest rivalry game. Both teams currently own 5-2 records on the season.

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Wilson is an RC from Charlotte, NC, one of three native Charlotteans from Section F.