BOOK REVIEW – Unposted Letter

“700 million sperms dart from the man towards that one stationary egg in the woman, and only the healthiest and fastest sperm makes it.” This sentence is taken not from a biology textbook, but rather from a motivational book Unposted Letter authored by spiritual guru T.T. Rangarajan.

“.So every human being is that winning sperm which proved in its own way that it was one up on the remaining 700 million of its kind,” it further elucidates. There may be many gurus and many more self-help books, but this one cuts above the crowd because of its sheer simplicity. It contains easy-to-read, concise chapters on issues ranging from customer management, productivity and success to happiness, relationships, life and, of course, the big emphasis on YOU. The book brings out the seemingly obvious from our subconscious mind – common sense we need to be reminded of in order to understand problems at the core.

This book was gifted to me by my brother soon after my husband and I lost our beloved DSLR camera during our California trip last Christmas. We were dejected because the camera was fairly expensive, but even more valuable were the pictures stored inside it. I came across the section in this book that said, “You are more important than every THING that has come into your life.” The serendipity had a very soothing effect on me. Although I knew it, somebody had to tell me to make me realize that “toys” (referring to material possessions) are mere tools to be useful and entertaining. Their loss/damage is not worth mourning as long as we have ourselves to cherish.

The next time you feel a loved one is being preachy and tough on you, lines from the chapter “Pampering weakens you. Love creates you” will play in your mind: “Love will act as a mirror, and reflect you to you – not as you want to be seen, but as you truly are. Pampering is a mere fa‡ade, wanting to appear nice.” The beauty of the book is that it brings about these self-revelations that one can relate to everyday instances.

It is also not a shun-all, surrender-to-God kind of sermon book. There is a chapter therein that goes: “Every good human being has the moral responsibility to be rich” The reason illustrated behind this is that a good human being will use the money to create a better society by way of building schools and hospitals and helping the needy, whereas an evil one will use it for destructive purposes.

However, it is banal at some places. For instance, chapter titles like “There is no easy way to the top”, “Great minds discuss ideas. Small minds discuss people” and “Good communication will serve a relationship replica breitling Aeromarine ” sound cliché. Nevertheless, insights given in the book leave us grateful for who we are and what we have as well as peaceful with life and the world at large, no matter how they treat us.

Be it to ask oneself a rhetorical question drawing an analogy between career and ladder: “What is the point in reaching the top of the ladder and then realizing that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall replica breitling bentley 6.75?”; or be it to recognize the profound truth in a one-liner: “What you cannot accept, you pretend not to care about”; or be it for succinct advice: “Be happily dissatisfied” (because satisfaction hampers growth), Unposted Letter is worth a read.