Meet Paul! He’s the incoming Co-President of the LGBT SA with Shiyan Koh. You might recognize him from both his devilish good looks and his remarkable bead handing-out prowess at the Pink Party. Paul has a wicked sense of humor (see answer #17) and is just magnetic. Enjoy getting to know him!
(e.g. I’m arranging the Cyberposium, come! There’s a great lecture on XX coming up- go! I’m doing this interview to meet RC girls.)

1. My name: Paul Lenehan
2. Hometown: Needham, MA
3. Childhood Ambition: Architect, astronaut, superhero. Oddly, none of those pay very well.
4. Fondest Memory: Christmas with family.
5. Soundtrack: A hybrid of Muse and Lady Gaga (some stereotypes are true)
6. Retreat: Driving on an open road
7. If I weren’t doing this, I’d be: Spending more time outside
8. Proudest Moment: Walking my sister down the aisle
9. Biggest challenge: Sleep!
10. Perfect day: Exploring a new place with friends, happy hour on a plaza for some people-watching, and then having a nice dinner.
11. First job: Camp counselor
12. Indulgence: Whole Foods, because $7 organic Acai juice is delicious.
13. Last purchase: Polo shirts
14. Favorite movie: Almost Famous
15. Inspiration: Ellen DeGeneres, because she’s helped make the world a more accepting place
16. My life: Is incredibly blessed. The key is to remember it.
17. If I won the lottery tomorrow: I’d swim through gold coins like in Duck Tales.
18. My hero: Batman: billionaire by day, superhero by night. Was I supposed to outgrow the superhero thing?
19. Current ambition: ÿMake a difference in the world. When/where/how: TBD
20. Words to live by: Assume good intentions.
*21. Fill in your own: Craziest recent idea: Doing an ISP on Lady Gaga and convincing HBS to teach the case in Marketing or TOM. She’s like IDEO in a way.

April 26, 2010
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