20* Questions

Meet Mary Winn!
She is the super-talented director of this year’s HBS Show, “The Devil Wears Crimson.” I don’t know how she found the time to answer 20 questions, but consider yourself lucky for the chance to get to know this rockstar better!

1 My name: ÿMary Winn New

2 Hometown: ÿ Augusta, Georgia

3 Childhood ambition: ÿTo be a “rock scientist”

4 Fondest memory: ÿGetting ready backstage before Nutcracker shows

5 Soundtrack: ÿGLEE!

6 Retreat: ÿNassau, Bahamas

7 If I weren’t doing this, I’d be : Teaching high school math

8 Proudest moment: ÿPassing the audition to become a Disney princess at Disneyworld

9 Biggest challenge: ÿKeeping the HBS Show plot a secret

10 Perfect day: ÿBeach time, an umbrella drink, friends and dancing

11 First job: Selling hot dogs at my neighborhood pool

12 Indulgence ÿNutella-filled crepes

13 Last purchase: ÿTall decaf with whip raspberry mocha from Peet’s

14 Favorite movie: ÿGood Will Hunting

15 Inspiration: ÿElizabeth Gilbert

16 My life: ÿIs dedicated to the HBS Show. now through April 23

17 If I won the lottery tomorrow: I’d direct an all-original musical on Broadway

18 My hero: ÿMia Michaels

19 Current ambition: Happinessÿ

20 Words to live by: It’s better to live your own life imperfectly than to imitate someone else’s perfectly. -Elizabeth Gilbert

*21 Fill in your own: Best Section: New A!

April 12, 2010
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