Meet FRED!

Fred is the first Monacan student to come to HBS; apropos to that level of ambition, he is also the newly elected President of the Euro Club. To further the Euro image, Fred was deeply apologetic (and charismatic) about being 10 minutes late to our meeting – the French soccer team was playing. He is such a gem; I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!

1 My name: Fred “The Wizard” Genta

2 Hometown: ÿMonaco

3 Childhood ambition: Professional football* player (*writer’s note: football equals soccer)
4 Fondest memory: ÿMy first kiss in high school and the birth of my little sister 5 Soundtrack Alex Kayyal’s playlist
6 retreat: ÿGo to Monaco, private helicopter to San Tropez just after Paris Hilton lands and then the party begins.

7 If I weren’t doing this, I’d be: Still be President of the Euro Club (even in Europe)

8 proudest moment: ÿThe goal I scored in the World Cup against Italy, and seeing Giovanni cry.

9 Biggest challenge: ÿDating American girls.

10 perfect day: ÿLocation: Monaco. People: HBS friends. Other people: Lots of cute girls. Activities: Sports and Parties

11 First job: Selling wine at a wineshop in Monaco (and still get few Wine & Cuisine Society events)

12 Indulgence: Massage – to receive or to give
13 last purchase: ÿNew tennis grips to make my victories over Laila even easier.and an English dictionary

14 Favorite movie: ÿThe Hangover (it’s like everyday with Kyle Brack & Stirling Cox)

15 inspiration: ÿThe movie Euro Trip – how HBS is going to be next year

16 My life: ÿStarts now that I’m in The Harbus

17 If I won the lottery tomorrow: We will all be playing soccer in Genta Hall – and p.s. as a Monaco citizen, my revenues would be tax-free anyway

18 My hero : ÿGrace Kelly – the perfect mix between the US and Monaco

19 Current ambition: ÿBeating last year’s White Party ticket sellout (we’ll be under 32 seconds next year)

20 Words to live by: “As long as there is magnum of champagne on your table, everything should be fine.”

*21 Fill in your own: Favorite Harbus interviewer/human being: Jacquie