20 Questions

Sophie is adorable and she’s the Music Director of this year’s HBS Show. Even though she made me listen to Disney songs for HOURS during a road trip, I still think she’s the greatest thing to emerge from Straford Upon Avon since Shakespeare. Enjoy getting to know her, try to read her answers with an endearing British accent, and make sure to ridicule her for the Tinkerbell answer at the HBS Show this April…

1 My name: Sophie

2 Hometown: Ye Olde English Village, aka Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK

3 Childhood ambition: To be a Dolphin Doctor originally, then to be Tinkerbell. Sadly that’s actually true.

4 Fondest memory: Anything from when I was younger with my brothers

5 Soundtrack? Disney’s Greatest Hits? Sadly, again that’s probably true.

6 Retreat: A beach somewhere with a cocktail! (Ooo, especially if it came with one of those little umbrellas! Who doesn’t like those?)

7 If I weren’t doing this, I’d be: Relieved at not having to translate “English” into “American”. “Color” is spelt “colour” by the way.

8 Proudest Moment: Very unoriginal I’m sure, but getting into HBS

9 Biggest Challenge: Right now, reading cases! The HBS show is a big part of this semester, so everyone come and see it!!

10 Perfect day: Having a lie-in in the morning, and then sitting in the sun outside a pub by the river with friends.

11 First job? Sales assistant at H&M. Ooooh yeah.

12 Indulgence: SLEEP!

13 Last purchase: A ream of paper. Wow, how boring does that make me sound?? I’ll lie and say I just bought a jetski.

14 Favorite movie: High Society – a good old fashioned movie/musical with the best cast ever!

15 Inspiration: My family. No doubt.

16 My life: Is pretty darn good (Although that doesn’t stop me from whinging about it)

17 If I won the lottery tomorrow: Well that depends on how much I won! I shall keep the details to myself.:;-)

18 My hero: My mum, sorry “Mom”, (Cue the “awww”‘s)

19 Current ambition: To make it through to April 23rd without passing out. Did I mention the HBS Show by the way?

20 Words to live by: A smile goes further than you think

*21 Fill in your own: Why are you doing this at 2am? No idea. Jacquie made me.

March 29, 2010
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