Eugene just finished up his first semester teaching FRC. You may remember him as the recipient of the Letter from Prison (or not, because you’re an EC). I recently bumped into Eugene (and his dad) on a flight from Rwanda to Brussels, and he agreed to answer 20 questions. Well, he had agreed to answer them before break.which makes the interview significantly less cool. Regardless, enjoy!

1. My name: Eugene Soltes

2. Hometown: Flossmoor, Illinois

3. Childhood ambition: molecular biologist – I found Jurassic Park really compelling

4. Fondest memory: Christmas mornings

5. Soundtrack: Something mixed by Tiesto or Paul van Dyk

6. Retreat: Any Aman hotel

7. If I weren’t doing this, I’d be: A food critic

8. Proudest moment: Receiving the call to offer me a faculty position at HBS

9. Biggest challenge: Time. Rarely is there enough.

10. Perfect day: It would probably include visiting a museum, spending a few hours reading, and ending with a great dinner (No. 9 Park would do the trick).

11. First job: Entrepreneur (lemonade stand at the corner of Braeburn and Brassie)

12. Indulgence:17th and 18th century museum catalogues

13. Last purchase: The Prisoner DVD set for my father’s birthday – it’s a fantastic series!

14. Favorite movie: The Thomas Crown Affair

15. Inspiration: Being in the Himalayas

16. My life: will hopefully achieve something memorable.

17. If I won the lottery tomorrow: I’d fly private.

18. My hero: Jack Bauer

19. Current ambition: Do something worthwhile

20. Words to live by: Inscription of Dexter gate in Harvard Yard: Outside- “Enter to grow in wisdom” Inside-“Depart to serve better thy country and thy kind”

February 1, 2010
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