Where in the World did you Spend your Summer–Matthew Salzberg (OB)

Many companies start by chance and mine was no exception. This summer, I co-founded a mobile phone-based software company that serves retail businesses. As with any start-up, there are a number of obstacles ahead of us, but-knock on wood-we are on track to launch with a few local businesses this fall.

I came to HBS knowing that I wanted to start something. I spent RC year pursuing a different idea and planned to spend my summer taking it to launch. I received a Rock Fellowship from HBS, which provided me with some money and co-working office space near MIT. Coincidentally, it was here that I met my co-founder, Nick Tommarello, who had previously founded an interactive scavenger hunt company called Urban Interactive, and was looking to start a new venture.

When Nick and I met, we instantly hit it off. We had highly complementary skill sets-something that is often hard to find in the HBS entrepreneurship scene-and good chemistry. After a few informal days of brainstorming business ideas, we decided to form a new company in early June. We moved quickly over the next two months, hiring developers and designers and building our product. I spent most of my time on sales and strategy-brainstorming features, finding potential customers, creating marketing materials and sourcing inventory.

Our product is now complete, and we have several customers ready to use it. A few sectionmates and I are pursuing a field study on it this fall and hopefully there will be an even better Harbus story about us in a few months!

September 21, 2009
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