Where in the World did you Spend your Summer?

With constant reminders of the ongoing global economic recession, 2009 was a year when it was easy to lose the sense of buoyant optimism that accompanied us when we arrived in Boston last fall. With unemployment skyrocketing and job opportunities drying up, early on many students anticipated and subsequently encountered an extremely challenging job search process.

Rather than being overwhelmed by the situation, a number of HBS students rose to the occasion – exhibiting an uncanny knack for ingenuity in pursuing less traditional tracks of employment. Some went as far as to describe the downturn as a blessing in disguise – providing the external push necessary to launch a new venture or pursue an underlying passion for social enterprise.

This week, The Harbus profiles 11 second-year students scattered across the seven continents and seas. From the East African coast, to the streets of Shanghai, to the South Lawn of the White House, these students travelled to all corners of the globe – some to pursue their passions, others simply to make the most of trying times.

A number of students found themselves on new and uncharted professional terrain for the first time in their lives, or split the summer between two geographically disparate locations such as Los Angeles and Delhi.

When asked to provide advice to RCs, Mia Saini (OC) encouraged students to consider stepping outside of their comfort zones: “It’s only for one summer! It might be scary and full of uncertainty. But do it. You will be so much happier.”