Earlier this month, in response to growing scrutiny of MBA programs in light of the financial crisis, the editors at Harvard Business Review launched “The HBR Debate: How To Fix Business Schools”:


A growing chorus of critics are charging that MBA programs are in part to blame for the ethical and strategic lapses that have led to the economic crisis. The debate will explore this idea and ask: Is that fair? If so, what needs to change? How can schools regain trust?

Joel Podolny, Dean of Apple University in Cupertino, California and former dean of the Yale School of Management, kicks off the debate with a fairly stinging critique of b-schools. Several academics, including HBS’s Carl Kester and Joe Badaracco, have weighed in in response.

The Harvard Business Review invites students to actively participate in the online debate.

Other questions that will be taken up in the colloquium are:

-Does Business Education Just Reflect the Broader Culture?
-Are Quantitative and Statistical Economists to Blame for
an Imbalanced Discourse?
-Shareholder vs. Social Value: What is Business For?
-Do We Need a License to Practice Business?
-The New Curriculum: Where Do Schools Go from Here?