Valentines Classifieds

To: a_viking
Twilight is coming; soon we won’t be able to see each other anymore. The gloaming is fading from uncertain red, to bruised purple, to black.
From a_pirate

To: FLi
Love is sweet. Love is precious. Love is forever. Love needs courage. You have to truly believe in love in order to make it! Honey You Make Me Wanna Fall in Love! Take me to your heart, for a life time.
From: RZ

To: Heloise
I wish I could enjoy your smile everyday! From: MAD

To: Collins Ward
Ever since I first saw you, I’ve been wondering if we’d have a chance to “interact” more closely. You’re always out and about, so I see you a lot, but you never seem to notice me. Maybe if I see you out tonight, I’ll finally show you what you’ve missing.
From: Quiet_Hottie_2010

To: Sam Hillard
Ever since you started growing that moustache before Spring Break of our RC year, I can’t stop daydreaming about you. I love a rugged man, and you symbolize all that is masculine. You are so bold and daring, and Iíve seen the way you look at me ñ letís stop holding back our feelings during this last semester of our time at HBS.
From: 40oz_2_freedom

To: Jessie Lin
Dear Jessie, I am not good at writing this kind of stuff. But speaking from the bottom of my heart, I am truly impressed by your elegance inherited from Oriental culture, your profound wisdom and your passion for enriching your life. I know you are quite good at playing the piano and cooking. I hope you can give me the chance to enjoy your melodious music and your delicious food. And I hope I can render you care and happiness.
From: Secret L

To: ZRo
Never realized that you were so deeply in mind. But today I just wanted to tell you how much I loved you!
From: Shy_boy_2009

To: Jonathan Lujan
Dear J-Lu Your eyes are so dreamy and you talk so smooth I would love for you to be my “bronx bomber.” If you are interested, please meet me in Shad basketball court 3 on VD
From: Sarah Terese Downey

To: Neelam
I haven’t been able to shake you since we met on move-in day. When you get your dream internship, I look forward to you taking me out to a nice bar in town. I am even learning the language of your native home, eh? I can’t wait for our spring break trip together.
From: Jun_to

Well, its not exactly a secret – you’ll always be my girl :-). Happy Valentines day seat-mate!
From: Brento

To: Beri
I’m always thinking of you
From: Arya

To: Robin Tang
I think we should get together and give Section F what they have always been hoping for, the Poon-Tang wedding! Robin, you are my hero.
From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Nathalie Du Preez
I’ve had a major crush on you all year. I think you’re terribly cute and maybe I’ll catch you out on the dance floor soon… From: hbs_dude

To: CJ Wise
CJ – If only our professors could write in chalk as beautiful as your hair, I would pay way more attention in class!
From: scrt_admr

To: DJ
I’ve been a great fan of your unique perspectives, your broad thinking, and your genuine niceness. I hope we can get to know each other much more than we do now.
From: AdmirerNotInSectioD

To: AS
I’d like to ask you on a date, but I’ve never even met you. I never really see you out and I only ever pass you in the halls. My intel tells me you don’t have a bf though. So, if more times passes, I may just ask you out at the breakfast cart in Aldrich someday.
From: M