Thief on the Loose?

On April 3, 2009, a bicycle was stolen from outside McCulloch Hall, where it had been securely fastened to a bike rack. It is a reminder to us all that thieves are at large on the HBS campus, despite the apparent tranquility of our surroundings. Take care of your personal belongings. In honor of that beloved bicycle, I present this obituary.

The Specialized Dolce road bicycle was born somewhere in Taiwan circa 2005. From Taiwan she was packed into a cardboard box and shipped to a store in Waterloo (London), next to the famous Old Vic Theatre – an illustrious beginning for any bicycle. After a few months, a girl called Johanna entered the Waterloo bike shop and fell in love at first sight, attracted by the deep black body, glistening Specialized logo and perfect female proportions.

For many years, Johanna and the Specialized Dolce commuted in and out of central London together, dodging red buses, parked cars and angry taxi drivers. It was during this period that a pannier rack was added to the Specialized Dolce and the handle bars were flipped over to make her more comfortable. She attained a reputation for speed, precision, power and stamina.

In 2008 another love entered Johanna’s life and that summer he proposed a romantic cycle ride from London to Venice. Loyal as always, the Specialized Dolce rose to the challenge. Things were not always easy.the Specialized Dolce lacked the low gears needed on some of the mountain passes, and powerful brakes to handle hairpin descents. But through this adversity, they both learnt more about each other.

On moving to Harvard, Johanna found that she could not bear to be apart from the Specialized Dolce. So, after many days of longing, she contrived to have the Specialized Dolce brought to Boston. Together they dreamed of trips to Cape Cod, Montreal and New York.imagining the sun, wind and freedom of the open road.

On April 2, 2009, the Specialized Dolce lay peacefully at rest, secured to a McCulloch bicycle rack. The following morning she was gone. Off on another journey, who knows where.but leaving those that loved her behind.

Johanna is an RC student at HBS, in section B. Before HBS, she attended Cambridge and worked at the Boston Consulting Group in London – she spent her spare time cycling and sailing.

Have you experienced theft on campus this year? If so, please contact The Harbus through Dinkar Jain (ND): with “THEFT” in the subject line. SPECIAL REPORT (!) coming soon.

April 14, 2009
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