Teaching the Young Fellas a Thing or Two

The grizzled members of the Old Boys played true to form-a forward-oriented, ball-up-the-jumper style attack with limited speed and intelligence but lots of heart. Dominant at scrum time through the ministrations of second-row Dave “Goliath” Johnson and the redoubtable prop Saul “Do You Feel Lucky Punk” de la Guardia, the Old Boys were able to secure good attacking ball throughout the first half.

The pressure led to a silky-sweet try by fly-half Chris “Luke Skywalker” Gordon mid-way through the first half, who waltzed over the try line whistling his signature “Singing In the Rain.” Commenting afterwards, Chris remarked: “Yeah, still got it. Felt like an F-16 out there.” (The F-16 limped off with a hamstring injury 20 minutes later). Chris was unable to convert his own try, keeping the Old Boys lead to 5-nil.

Old Boys’ energy started waning like second-year class attendance as the second half set in, and they clearly missed the presence of all-tackling juggernaut Liam Patrick in the backline. Struan “The Leopard” Scott (MBA ’01 K) filled in ably, making tackle after tackle and the occasional run with the ball, but eventually the current HBS side evened the tally and then went ahead with the conversion, 7-5. Struan commented afterwards, “I could have made the tackle, but with the difference in strength and power between me and the other man, it just didn’t seem sporting.”

However, continued forward strength eventually brought the Old Boys back into the opposing 22, and ultimately to a 5-meter scrum. Driving the current side off their own scrum, the ball spilt loose over the try line, allowing scrum-half Warren Valdmanis (who had been scrambling away from the play to avoid a stinging insect) to fall on the ball for an opportunistic score. The try was unconverted, but it was enough to secure a historic 10-7 Old Boys victory in the regulation two periods (apparently there was a third, but I wasn’t paying much attention to that). ÿ

It should also be noted that in a contest reminiscent of Rocky VI, a group of four aging alums, led by the aforementioned “Leopard”, managed to soundly defeat the best and brightest of the current side in the all-important after-match boat-race.

November 9, 2009
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