Seven Reasons To SeeSankofa

On Tuesday, Nov. 24, 766 HBS students, staff and faculty will gather to watch the annual Sankofa show performed by the members of HBS’ African American Student Union (AASU). “Sankofa” is a word from the Akan language of Ghana. It means to “go back and take.”

The members of AASU will reach into the past and take the stories, lessons, dances and memories from our history to share with the Harvard Business School community at large. Much sweat, tears and laughter have gone into this year’s show, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Here are 7 great reasons why you should buy your ticket today!
Your sectionmates will be in it. Sankofa is a huge production with every single section at HBS represented with at least one performer. The section with the highest ticket sales will win a champagne reception.

You’ll see celebrities. Kanye West, Barack Obama, and Michael Jackson will be there. They may eerily resemble some of your classmates. Don’t mind that. They just look a little different when they aren’t on television.

You’ll laugh-a lot. The show was written by a recent alum who performed in several HBS performances as a student. He’s hilarious and is making sure that we keep you laughing the whole way through.

You’ll learn without feeling like you’re in class. Throughout the show, we will share fascinating tidbits about Black history and culture through the performances. No lectures, no frameworks, just thought-provoking stories told through dance, spoken word and acting.

You’ll see something new. African Americans have a rich history and culture surrounding historically Black fraternities and sororities. Members of several different fraternities and sororities will perform their step routines and have you jumping to your feet with applause.

You’ll be entertained. Your classmates are ridiculously talented, and you’ll get to see that not only can people make great comments in class, they can also dance, perform slam poetry, act, sing and strut their stuff in a fashion show.

You’ll have great things to talk about at the afterparty. After seeing the show, people are always hyped up and excited about the shared experience of having watched their classmates get wild on stage. Don’t be the person who has to smile and nod when everyone else is talking about how great the show was!

Now that you’re thoroughly convinced, here are the details of the show:

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 24
Where: Burden Auditorium
Tickets: $20 for the show or $30 for the
show + afterparty at

November 9, 2009
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