Section Rundown – SECTION B

Section B Personality
Laid back and no drama from day one, however the irony is that pretty much everyone is President of some club (perhaps this is an indication that HBS has too many positions.but we like to think otherwise).

-Due to our laid back nature we never really decided, however several come to mind: Bees,
-Grupo Bimbo and wooden letter B that is blue and sits in the front of the classroom.

-Best of the Best, King of Sections, Let it “B”

-When a professor asks for a volunteer we all yell “Joe”
-When Professor Rose finishes each day of LCA he says “Fantastic discussion, as usual.”
-When things get really hairy we solve it with a dance-off.

Craziest Skydeck
-Cheer Camp (for those not being heard by all)
-The introduction of Abadi corner and the fear and awkwardness that follows
-Lauren and Lakshmi throwing out the power point in a valiant attempt at standup
-Jazzmin jumping on Carter’s lap

Section Cheer
-“B” Aggressive or simply “Speak Louder”

Best Class Moments
-Joe reading out prospective names and University mascots
-Stella putting on a Southern accent as union rep
-Akshay’s “In my experience in the semi-conductor industry..” he can’t finish because we are all laughing so loudly.
-The advent of blue chalk.a great pickup
-Jeff Taylor of Monster tearing apart people and their comments, in that order.
-Stephen actually agreeing

-a tremendous amount of Britney fans
-Carter and Matvey, perhaps our quirkiest characters

Best Class Quotes
-“He’s a nice fire” – Matvey
-ZOPA! (check out the Russian definition, it gave us a great laugh)
-“It’s like this website,” – Qiao
-“Do I look like I need help?” – Christina
-“Democratization of Luxury” – Fernando’s quote that continues to be recycled by other section B members.
-In reference to the financial crisis, “Crap. We’ve got crap going on. I wish every time that crap came out of their mouths it would hit someone in the face. That way everyone would know there was crap.” – Joe
-In response to newspaper readers aging, they were given a new name, “Silver foxes” – Carter
-“Gaming is a focus” – Akshay on the importance of PS3 versus the Wii
-“If there’s an opportunity with my right hand, I don’t necessarily want to tell my left hand. Hey, look at that” – Ali
-“The NASA arm.that you see in space” -Tom, regaling the class with the many contributions of Canadians
-“I myself was sexually abused (note: he meant harassed).we all laughed about it for weeks” -Harry, in response “It’s funny for you because it’s so unusual” – Julia

Key Social Functions
-The Progressive
-Grey Ghost Inn Retreat 08
-Cheese tasting in Aldrich 8 (I bet you smelled it too!)
-Bond Party
-Korean BBQ

Why it’s best to be a ‘B’
-Great looking people, great dancers, no drama and of course we have one of the new SA Presidents!

Official Food
-Homer’s Chunk, the award winning chili made by Section B know you loved it!

Section B’s B-Ball team
-one fun team despite the losing record =)