SA Now Taking Applications for Community Impact Fund

The Student Association (“SA”) is proud to support the second year of the SA Community Impact Fund, which was designed to help fund HBS student activities that make a direct impact in the external community.

The Student Association is now taking applications for the SA Community Impact Fund, which will provide financial support for student-led initiatives that have direct and tangible impact on communities external to HBS. Applications for the Fall process are due on November 28.

After supporting several student-led community service proposals last fall, the HBS Student Association Community Impact Fund is requesting spring submissions.

In order to qualify for funding, at least one of the leaders on the proposed project must be a current HBS student. The Fund is looking to support initiatives with direct and tangible impact, where the primary beneficiary of the subsidy and/or service is external to the HBS community. Preferred are projects where the results materialize within six months of the award. Funded projects last cycle included the AASU’s Citizen Schools Initiative, the Social Enterprise Immersion, and the HBS Charity Fashion Show. Those involved in the Citizens Schools Initiative, for example, spent their Saturdays providing extracurricular training to 8th grade students in in Roxbury. The Social Enterprise Immersion, meanwhile, will offer HBS students the opportunity to help Boston area social enterprises on-site this spring. And the Student Association hopes to fund several new initiatives this spring.

“The Student Association is proud to be helping students help others,” said Fred Smith, Co-President of the Student Association. “So many students have great ideas for outreach projects, and we want to use the fund to enable these initiatives to become reality. We believe it is within the SA’s mandate to provide support to students who want to make a positive impact on the broader community.”

Applications for the spring funding cycle are due by Friday, February 27, 2009. ECs should submit to John Coleman (, and RCs should submit to Patrick Chun (pchun@mba2010, and Jamie Chang ( Applicants are encouraged to submit a detailed, one-page project proposal and make themselves available for a possible presentation to the Senate on either March 3rd or March 10th. The Senate will decide on the proposal by majority vote shortly thereafter. Proposals should include:

1. A brief description of the project, including the timing and nature of the impact.
2. A complete list of participants (noting HBS students and partners explicitly), and the related contact information (including email and phone no).
3. A realistic, itemized account of the costs associated with the project, including specific details about costs to be covered by the fund.
4. Any alternative sources of funding.

Further details can be found on the SA website // by contacting your section senator.