Regional Profiles – Northeast – New York City – Everything you Want and Much More Than you Need

New York City, you are the land of plenty: plenty of nicknames (Big Apple, City that Never Sleeps), diversity in boroughs, melting pot of cultures and stimulation a-plenty. It is impossible to define life in New York City, but suffice it to say- it can be whatever you want. Whether you’re a chameleon in search of constant shifting scenes or looking for to build your ideal post-graduation life, the City can serve you.

In the preferred concise-business-school-comment style, here are the top 10 reasons to go to New York City:

10. Easily accessible with easy flights to, well, everywhere. Although true New Yorkers wonder what other cities would have to offer them?

9. Celebrity sightings: Close that US Weekly- Reese and Jake are walking by you in the West Village!

8. Consumerism- anything you want to buy, at your fingertips.

7. Many unique neighborhoods- ever fallen in love with a scene in a New York movie? Create it for yourself.

6. Beautiful people, dazzling nightlife: there’s something for everyone on any given night.
5. Culture- you won’t find a better city for every type of art or form of self-expression, available in the full range from avant garde to centuries-old.

4. Surprises- you never know what will cross your path or lay just around the corner

3. FOOD FOOD FOOD- every type, variety, and sort you can imagine. And nearly all maintaining high quality thanks to the intense competition of the city.

2. Always something to aspire to- New York City will always remind you to push harder and reach further.

1. The abundance of your classmates who will be there to remind you of the glory days.