Reflections from the Class of 2009

What would you not have missed for the world? What encapsulates the best of HBS?
“Great personal and learning experience.”
“I would not have missed the wonderful time I had sharing the HBS experience with my wife, preparing for our future together. The best of HBS is seen in the concomitant depth of caring and camaraderie in the section in parallel with experience-sharing on a professional level.”
“The best part of HBS is the people. I’ve met so many incredibly warm, sharp, and passionate people in my section and through many clubs and conferences. In addition, we get to see amazing leaders on campus and have meaningful interaction — I’ve been lucky to meet and talk with so many technology heavyweights over these two years.”
“Enjoying the company of a small group of HBS friends over drinks/dinner.”
“People. Fellow HBS Students.”
“The Aldrich Classroom experience – getting 90 brilliant people to have a serious conversation for 80 minutes is a unique privilege.”

What do you wish you could change about HBS? In what areas did HBS disappoint you?
“People are too self-focused.”
“Not many opportunities for international recruiting.”
“I thought I was going to be among the stupidest people here and guarantee that every class was going to be a breath-taking learning experience. I think I was closer to average than I thought. Simultaneously, some classes were a little disappointing for the lack of educational ‘oomph’ that others had.”
“Parties and school wide gatherings are, for the most part, severely over-rated.”
“That it has the come to an end! If it could go on forever, that would be sweet.”
“We do not push ourselves to be true professionals and leaders. We should always stress our responsibility.”

What do you wish you had known about the HBS experience that you only now know?
“Less focus on preparing cases”
“I wish I had known that HBS Clubs have terrible title inflation for their officers. That is: “VP of Communications” in an HBS Club translates as “Email dude” in a typical undergrad club. Not much different in practice, but looks better on one’s resume.”
“I wish I had a deeper sense of how quickly it would fly by.”
“Spend time meeting friends in SMALL group settings…and get to know professors on a PERSONAL level.”
“To go on as many treks as possible. Four is not enough.”
“I wish I had known that I don’t need to go to all the extra speakers and read all the cases.”

What will be your favorite memory from HBS? If there was a moment or experience that will stay with you forever, what was it? Or, did any member of the HBS community truly impact you? How?
“Vortex of doom and squirrel in a treadmill analogies by Michel Nehme”
“One of my favorite memories will be of my section building the largest snowman I’ve ever helped with, on a whim at Baker Lawn.”
“Enjoying the campus on a cold, brisk day in the October with a plethora of fall colors surrounding me.”
“I will never forget the treks and the last day of my first year Section J of MBA ’07 led by Dick Vietor. It was truly a remarkable Capstone session.”
“I will remember my friends here and their passion for entrepreneurship.”

May 4, 2009
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