Player Profile-Patrick Cleary (OF)

Still figuring that out

6 foot 4 inches

198 lbs

Religious beliefs:
Chipotle, skiing

Losing my reading glasses at Tommy Doyle’s, people who frown upon red corduroy pants, modern medicine

Favorite Rugby Player:
Sukhesh Miryala (OA)

When did you start playing rugby?
I started playing last fall. To be honest, playing isn’t necessarily the right term. I have been running around a field with the rugby team and crying in the shower after practice for one year. My mother says I am really good though.

What is your favorite aspect of the club?
In the past year, I have travelled to Brazil, London, Montreal, and the People’s Republic of North Carolina to play rugby. The rugby tours have been some of the greatest experiences of my life. Whether you are playing against the HBS alumni at Harvard Stadium or against local Brazilians on Ipanema Beach, the camaraderie I have found amongst players old and new is amazing.

How has rugby changed your future career goals?
Prior to rugby, I wanted to become a consultant. After playing rugby in South America, I am pretty sure that I will be applying for Brazilian citizenship and spending the rest of my life in Salvador selling coconuts.

What has the rugby team taught you?
I am a terrible athlete.
Shirts are required in English pubs.
The best networking in the world is no substitute for building great friendships with good people through common effort.

When you’re not playing rugby what keeps you busy?
I apply most of my free time towards curing advanced stages of male-pattern baldness, drawing in my wizard notebook at Starbucks, collecting scarves, and the occasional swim in the Charles.