Letter to the Editor – Is HBS Really That Diverse?

Hi Jimmy,
I read with great interest your article in Harbus on the above mentioned topic. Wanted to thank you for writing on this topic as certainly this is a topic which I have been exploring in great detail as it would play an important role in my overall B school experience. From what I have been hearing and reading, HBS appears to me prdedominantly a upper class white school for around 50% americans. However, in comparison Insead/LBS stands out as amazingly diverse schools which offer amazing diversity in all sense.
Still, I know that if given a choice between HBS and Insead, I would pick HBS primarily due to the ‘harvard’ brand name. Sigh, brand name flies in the face of diversity even for me.

Propsective HBS MBA/MPA ID Applicant for the class of 2012