HBS Surf Club Is Born: One Island, Lots of Dudes – Female Members Sought

Spear gun in hand, bandana wrapped tightly around his lantern-like jaw, HBS Surf Team Supreme Commander Matt Thompson (NI) surveyed his troops.

It had been a long, grueling week at Morro Negrito Surf Camp, Panama, but the boys had done well. Nate “Wookie” Wucherpfennig (NF) was recovering in a hammock from his decimation of the local population with unheralded wave-scalding aerial acrobatics. Craig “Lockdown” Young (NI), now revered for his pioneering backside switch maneuver on surf well over-head, was eating the head off a live chicken. Ryan “The Nugget” Seelbach (NI), master of the Bruce Lee School of Surf, was shotgunning pineapple juice through a snorkel. And perennial shredder Nate “The Truth” Kempner (NI) was regaling the surf camp’s new spate of guests with his epic accounts of crushing Tiahupoo-sized tubes of perilous wrath. All in all, the trip was a resounding success – with everyone from first-timers to veteran shred masters finding something to get stoked about. With momentum riding high, upon his return to campus, the Supreme Commander declared, “And thus, with justice pouring forth like the Tempest of Abalone, I decree this shall mark the first annual HBS Surf Club Trek.” We look forward to future gender-gap-bridging installments soon.

Author’s Biography
Nick Taranto is an HBS/HKS Joint Degree candidate. After graduating from Dartmouth College in 2006, he spent time in Indonesia through the Fulbright teaching program before moving on to work in microfinance.

April 6, 2009
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