HBS Mysteries

Where did the turkey(s) go? Where did the turkey(s) come from? I’m sure someone knows… but they remain an HBS mystery. Was there only one turkey or two? Perhaps the turkey(s) knew the answers to some other mysteries.”

You’ve been here a while, you know how it works, you know the score, what you are expected to do, what you aren’t. Then there’s the things that no one seems to know the answer to.

One Western Avenue is not the most beautiful building I’ve seen, but it’s tall and so it must have great views right. So I wonder who lives in the Penthouse suite breitling superocean replica? Oh wait, the top 3 floors are filled with machinery and air conditioners. I’m not sure if that’s a mystery or just ridiculous but how did someone decide to block out the top 3 floors? What’s the point in it being tall?

Have you ever googled “my hbs”? Try it. What you get is “my hbs for Theodore Wiley”. Now Teddy is my housemate, and a very nice guy, but out of 1800 students why Teddy? Is there something special about his “my HBS” that Teddy gets to own it for everyone? (note : someone in IT may have fixed this by the time you read it but it has been the same for 6 months)

Have you ever had a phone conversation anywhere in Aldrich? Thought not. How is it possible that one of the mobile phone carriers cannot seem to work out that coverage should extend to HBS’ main teaching building. OK so don’t cover the dorms, but Aldrich 2nd floor? This is one of the major US conurbations – Come On tag heuer replica for sale . Plus reception is great in Baker but not in Hawes?

Our friends in exec education. I know you permanently need to wear your name badge, and I know you’ll buy even the HBS golf headcovers from the shop, in addition to everything else that it sells ( in a one time shop just as I want to pay for one pen). But the process of Spangler food hall really isnt that hard. You’re smart, there is really no need to stand in a group of 20 right in the middle of the flow of people – or perhaps that’s a subtle plan that I’ve missed the point of. Mysteriously odd that they can’t work it out.

Why does the gym get busy at 5pm? It’s not staff, it’s students. Class finishes at various times, but the one time it doesn’t finish is at 5 – so why does the gym get busy at 5 www.replicabestsale.co.uk?

How do the organisers of the Black and White party actually pick who goes? Who are they anyway? (OK part B you can work out). This mystery actually proves that people at HBS are creating mysteries.

And last, but not least, bouncing cranberries. I still have no idea what the point of it was. It took hours to try and work out what was going on but what exactly was the point of it?

Perhaps that’s the point of HBS mysteries.. You aren’t supposed to know the answer.