HBS Couple Profiles – Ian & Kelsey Calhoun

Harbus: Tell us about how you met.
Kelsey: We met in chemistry class in sophomore year of High School. We were actually assigned to be lab partners for the whole year because our teacher thought we could learn a lot from each other. We had very different learning styles (I always did my homework, raised my hand, etc.). He blurted out answers, and was not much of a “planner,” but we always got the same grades. We started out being academically competitive and finally grew to be friends. By the time junior year came, we were dating www.replicabestsale.co.uk. After high school I ended up going to Harvard and Ian went to the Cornell Hotel School. Despite the distance, we dated the whole time. After college we moved to New York City and finally married last June!
Ian: Which was actually predicted by our chemistry teacher.
Kelsey: She had a whole theory about how opposites attract and in response to our grumbling about being partners, she announced that perhaps it would all work out and one day we would get married.
Ian: Everyone thought it was funny then, but look at us now.

Harbus: Post College how did you manage your initial job searches?
Ian: It was Kelsey’s idea that we move to New York City, but by then, we definitely had decided to live together.
Kelsey: I had a job at the NFL, Ian thought that was the coolest thing, so he agreed pretty quickly. Besides, Ian wanted to work in the restaurant business tag heuer replica for sale . For four years I provided the football tickets and he provided the food.
Ian: I cooked throughout college (focused on restaurant operations in Cornell’s hotel management school and went to a culinary school in Paris), most of my experience was in cooking and New York has great restaurants. I took a job with Cipriani, managing a couple different restaurant operations.Then my friends and I opened a restaurant in Soho during the Fall of 2006.

Habus: Once you decided to apply to business school, what was your plan?
Kelsey: My job at the NFL was in Strategic Planning and even as a young person in the organization, you can have a lot of impact because you’re one of 400 people working on behalf of 32 teams nationwide. It was an awesome experience, but in order to have a larger impact in sports management I wanted a general management perspective that you get from a business school education. So I applied in the 1st round (this was very planned and structured). Ian wasn’t really quite sure what he was going to do at the time and aspired to open his own restaurant.
Ian: My business school path is almost the opposite. It was actually after Kelsey was accepted that I contemplated my career and realize that HBS’ entrepreneurial focus and general management could significantly advance my aspirations in the restaurant industry. I came up, attended a class and afterward, I got in my car, drove right back home to New York and began my application. So I applied third round, I started the application in February. But here we are now. Kelsey supported me a lot through the process.
Kelsey: I think some people underestimate how deeply you need to think about your essays. By then I really appreciated how much work goes into those word limits!

Harbus: Now that you’re both at HBS, how, if at all, has the RC year changed or challenged your relationship?
Kelsey: We went from having completely opposite schedules with my typical work hours and his restaurant hours (including weekends) to having the exact same schedule. To get married and then have that kind of compatibility in our schedules has been fun.
Ian: I think the challenge has been that since we have the exact same schedule and the same classes, we don’t have clearly defined study or hang-out time. We flip flop between hanging out and then going back to case mode. There’s no set downtime, we talk about cases in bed.
Kelsey: It’s also fun to have both sections to hang out with. It’s fun to get that perspective as both a partner and a student, but it does get busy trying to attend all of those events!

Harbus: How are you approaching summer internships?
Kelsey: As we approach our summer internships we’re being totally flexible. We’re both willing to go anywhere, if we have to spend two months apart is not the end of the world, and we’re taking it as it comes. We just want to have great experiences that will help with our future careers.

Harbus: What about doing laundry and dishes, have you divvied up the household chores?
Kelsey: Ian does a lot of the cooking, I’m trying to learn. We received all of this nice cooking equipment from our wedding. But mostly, I do the dishes and he cooks. The rest we don’t plan very well.
Ian: There’s definitely no checklist on the fridge, more of an ad-hoc approach. At times, even though we have the same schedules, we definitely have different days when we’re busy and so we try to help each other out.
Kelsey: Although during exams we’re both in exams.
Ian: Yeah, it took us like a week to recover.
Kelsey: The papers are problem, cases everywhere (we had to resort to putting our names on top of them like in grade school).

Harbus: What are plans for Valentine’s Day?
Kelsey breitling superocean replica: Our hope is to go to Upstairs on the Square. It was where we had our rehearsal dinner and it’s a special place where we had one of our first Valentines when I was at Harvard undergrad.
Ian: No matter what, we’re definitely drinking lots of pink champagne.
Kelsey: Otherwise we may have dinner at home.
Ian: I think I enjoy cooking more now that I’m not doing it every day (for a living).

Harbus: Future plans?
Ian: Hopefully planning to stay in Boston.
Kelsey: Hopefully Ian will open a restaurant.
Ian: If I open a restaurant, it will intimately involve you.
Kelsey: For me I’m more undecided, we’ll see what happens. In the meantime, we will definitely be attending some Red Sox and Patriot’s games.