To start, Scott and I wanted to thank everybody for their support, suggestions, and feedback as we’ve made the transition into the SA Co-Presidency. While we only officially took over last week, Scott and I have spent much of March and April talking with administrators, professors, club leaders, ECs, and most importantly, all of you, to get a better sense of what would make for the “Best EC Year Ever.”

With the support of our dedicated SA Executive Committee (including the newly created Chief Marketing Officer and Head Social Chair), Scott and I feel confident our team can accomplish the big goals of our campaign platform and make good on our vision for the best EC year ever. While there’s still a lot to figure out, we’ve been building a more concrete game plan to provide better transparency into your student government, to better align our social events with the wants of the student body, to increase the community service and social impact of our student body, and improving the networked job search experience. Over the next month and through the summer, the SA Executive Committee will be reaching out to you with exciting updates on things to look forward to in September.

With that in mind, we’d also like to challenge the Class of 2010 to begin thinking about how we as a group might become the “Best EC Class Ever.” Our class will graduate next year into a world facing enormous challenges, surrounded by a social climate critical of our business education in general and our alma mater in particular. While we can do little to affect the historic reputation of our school, the future of this institution will be ours to shape. With one year left before we move on to face the pending economic crisis, what will the Class of 2010 do to redefine the role of Harvard Business School in the world?

As a class, we enjoy a rich diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and aspirations that creates an unparalleled environment in which to learn and mature. With this opportunity however comes great responsibility. We have a duty to lead, to define the vision of the future and to set the course of action. Scott, myself, and the rest of the SA Executive Committee are excited about what the coming months have in store for all of us. We are looking to you for input on how we as a whole can create not just a great EC year, but a truly special EC class.