Global Exposure Project 2009

In the year ahead, more than 12 million American children will face hunger. That is one in six. This holiday season, the HBS Art Society created the first annual Global Exposure Project, an exhibition that celebrates the photographic talent of HBS students and faculty while raising money for Share Our Strength, a 501c(3) non-profit committed to eliminating childhood hunger in the United States.

Jennifer Hsiao and Hayley Barna, co-presidents of the HBS Art Society, said, “The hidden talent at HBS is truly inspiring. We wanted to start a tradition at HBS that would bring the community together in celebration of its remarkable stories and creativity.” ÿ

The 63 photographs displayed at the exhibition were selected by HBS Art Society members from more than 200 photograph submissions. Inspiration for the photographs spanned from Uganda to the Charles River, from the Chicago O’Hare airport terminal to somewhere above the clouds in India, from a man selling cotton candy to children in Cuba to a shy girl covering her face with a banana leaf in Cambodia. The selected photos represented the diverse interests and experiences of their photographers and together formed a unique collection.

All proceeds from the sale of single-edition framed prints and limited edition photo books containing all 63 prints benefited Share Our Strength. The Share Our Strength team was also able to attend the event and provided giveaways and information about its mission. Generous contributions from HBS students, faculty and staff yielded proceeds of more than $4,000. Within the first hour and a half of exhibition, nearly two-thirds of the prints and all of the photo books were sold. At the end of the evening, the exhibit was successfully sold out.

Attendees of the exhibition voted for their favorite pieces. From 561 votes, the top five favorites from the exhibition are featured above.

Thank you to all the photographers who graciously contributed their original and creative works of art. Without you, the Global Exposure Project could not have been possible: (OA) Eileen Guoning Zong, Tanya Soluk, Hayley Barna; (OB) Chris Han, Christina Wallace, Jennifer Kelm; (OC) Bei Guo, Jennifer Tom, Shelley Yanqing Ling; (OD) Brent West, Esther Hsu, Mantazh Khanna, Robbert Huisman; (OE) Assaf Harlap, DJ DiDonna, Francisco Herrero, James Allworth, Lavina Tien, Louis Lebbos; (OF) Bruno Milanello; (OG) Angela Lin, Gabrielle Bill, Gaurav Dubey, Jason Costi, Jennifer Hsiao, Molly Rosenman, Ron Spreeuwenberg, Uday Nanda, Ulrike Killy, Emily Epstein; (OI) David Keh, Kwany Lui; (NA) Aaron Yuan, Yinon Weiss; (NB) Hooi Ling Tan, Seth Moulton; (NC) Alejandra Guzman; (NE) Emily Yun Zhang, Jimmy Weng, Suzanne Stroeer; (NF) Gabriel Cappelli, Mallika Ahluwalia, Michele Carver Haun, Paola Sabbatini; (NH) Amy Huynh, Austin Johnsen, Paul Lenehan; (NI) David Luo, Julia Straus, Roneeta Nandi; (Staff) Sarah Hall, Doug Wakefield, Gary Schwartz, Carolyn Daly.

Share Our Strength website:

December 7, 2009
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