Have you ever wondered why some people are less socially active than others? This test is designed to help you to get some additional insight.

Give yourself at least 1 point for each positive answer.

-You did not go to college in the US?
-You did not work in consulting/banking/PE prior to business school?
-You secretly hate networking (ok, most people do)?
-You choose to stay away from Facebook?
-You can’t dance?
-Furthermore, you don’t like clubs?
-Even worse, you don’t drink alcohol?
-You actually enjoy studying?
-You are generally more introverted rather than extroverted?
-You are married/engaged/in a serious relationship with someone outside the HBS community?
-You have kids?
-You are really different from everybody else in some other important way (you know who you are – it would be non-PC to list all the numerous things that might go into this category)?

0-2 points
You define the HBS mainstream. Thursday nights at Rumor and/or Beirut tournaments are awaiting you. The dating scene looks promising as well.

3-5 points
Everything depends on your social talent. Your social life at HBS might be tough but you will survive.

More than 5 points
The atmosphere in the section might seem supportive for the first few weeks of the RC year, but afterwards you are at high risk of being marginalized.* Chances are that some people you know will not even say hello to you by the end of the EC year, and having a meaningful conversation with most ‘mainstream’ people will be next to impossible. If this happens, human nature rather than HBS is to blame. There is a natural tendency for people who are alike to stick together. Speaking to a stranger requires a special effort. Why make this effort when there are plenty of easier options?

Winning strategy
Your winning strategy is a niche strategy. Do not even waste time trying to fit in. Stay away from the mainstream. Look for people you actually like and spend time doing things that you really enjoy. Last but not least, do not feel like killing the next person who complains about the lack of diversity at HBS.

*From my personal experience, life is more difficult for girls than for guys. No matter what they say about the shortage of women at HBS, even non-mainstream guys here get a lot of female attention.

-Submitted by an HBS ’09 who would prefer to remain anonymous.