Class Day 2009 Faculty Award Winners

The entire faculty at HBS is truly exceptional but each graduating class only gets to recognize two outstanding professors for the RC year and two for the EC year.

The Class Day Committee is pleased to announce that the 2009 Faculty Award Winners are:

-Joseph Lassiter RC Professor of
The Entrepreneurial Manager
-Jan Rivkin RC Professor of Strategy
-David Moss EC Professor of Creating the Modern Financial System
-Noam Wasserman EC Professor of Founder’s Dilemmas: Money and Power in Entrepreneurial Ventures

The winners were selected on the basis of the greatest number of votes relative to the number of students enrolled in their classes. The Class of 2009 voted via online poll in April. The class was asked to apply the following six criteria when voting for faculty members:

-Inspiration: Transfers his or her passion for the subject matter to students

-Knowledge Transfer: Makes difficult course material accessible to all students through clear explanations and demonstrated relevance

-Accessibility: Available to students outside the classroom on a personal and professional basis

-Career Guidance: Helps to identify industry contacts and evaluate potential career options

-Quality of Life: Helps to improve the quality of life on campus

-Feedback: Provides feedback that contributes to professional and personal development.

As first-time winners Professors Lassiter and Wasserman join 24 HBS professors who have received Faculty Awards over the last eleven years.

RC: Regina Herzlinger, Steven Wheelwright
EC: Benjamin Esty, Jeffrey Rayport

RC: Tom Piper, Paul Marshall
EC: Nancy Koehn, Jeffrey Rayport

RC: Marc Bertoneche, Paul Marshall
EC: Jeffrey Rayport, Benjamin Esty

RC: Marc Bertoneche, David Moss
EC: Das Narayandas, Debora Spar

RC: Mihir Desai, Michael Porter
EC: Andre Perold, Benjamin Esty

RC: Frances Frei, Youngme Moon
EC: Jan Rivkin, Andre Perold

RC: David Moss, Marc Bertoneche
EC: Das Naryandas, Frances Frei

RC: Rawi Abdelal, Joshua Margolis
EC: Jan Rivkin, Andre Perold

RC: Joshua Margolis, Francisco de Asis Martinez-Jerez
EC: Jan Rivkin, Youngme Moon

(first year w/ties in the RC and EC)
RC: Nabil El-Hage, David Moss, Celix Oberholzer-Gee
EC: Bharat Anand, Frances Frei, Jan Rivkin

RC: Andre Perold, David Moss
EC: Youngme Moon, Bharat Anand

RC: Jan Rivkin, Tom Piper
EC: Stacey Childress, Stephen Kaufman

Congratulations to this year’s Faculty Award winners!

Rodrigo Barrenechea (Senator OB) was born and raised in Bolivia. Always fascinated by rural USA he moved to Arkansas to pursue his undergrad studies and enjoy real football tailgates. Before HBS he worked for Tyson Foods for a couple of years. After graduation he will head to Tommy Doyle’s.