Blades 2009 Hockey Season Preview

Coming off two straight trips to the finals in the McArthur Cup and the Tuck Tournament, the HBS Blades look to continue to dominate their B-school peers on and off the ice. The offense, which produced five goals per game last season, returns with first-year phenoms Garret Overlock (OI), Scott Prime (OE), and Brian Wannop (OC).

Opposing teams found it difficult to score on the Blades last season thanks to defensive duo Alex Roe (OA) and Andrew Hendrie (OF). Behind the net, second-year starter and resident Canadian Ed Rawlinson (20 GP, 1.23 GAA) should be even better this year. As his preschool hockey coach said, “He’s a real competitor sporting solid fundamentals.”

How do I get involved?
The Blades start practicing in late October and scrimmage local rivals including the law school and medical school up until winter break. The tournament season kicks off in 2010 as the Blades travel to London, Ontario for the annual Ivey Tournament played against major Canadian Business Schools. The season ends as HBS hosts the largest business school hockey tournament in the country. Fourteen business schools converge on Boston to determine the best team, on the ice and at the pong table. Attending teams include perennial rivals Kellogg, Wharton, and Cornell.
The Blades field both A and B teams and everyone gets an opportunity to play. There is also a separate graduate team for women. Social events include outings to Bruins and college hockey games, bar nights, and joint events with the Canadian Club.

If you are interested in having fun and playing some hockey, contact the captains Jon Hill (OF) and Ed Rawlinson (OG).

Player Perspectives
with Ron Spreeuwenberg (OG), Jon Hill (OF), Marc Weiner (OH), and Buzz Teodoro (OE)

Why do you play hockey?
Jon: A new pair of skates… $600. Knee surgery… $5,000. Two fake front teeth…. priceless, my father is a dentist.
Ron: I’m Canadian.
Marc: I play hockey because it’s the fastest land sport, it gets out tension and gets attention from Canadian ladies!

What was your best Blades experience from last year?
Ron: London, Ontario – If you haven’t been, you should go.
Buzz: Three games in one day after two hours of sleep

What skills do you need to be a good hockey player/blade?
Ron: Ability to harass opponents, grow a beard and lose/chip teeth
Buzz: You need to be ridiculously, ridiculously good looking.