Around the World to Find the Girl Next Door

RCs Tomo and Taka share their romantic tale.

It’s springtime and love is in the air. As the Harbus offers blind date opportunities and wedding dresses fill the windows of downtown Boston shops, we thought it would be appropriate to feature a truly engaging HBS love story. Cupid’s arrow hit Tomo Ishizumi, a former CEO and art enthusiast from New F, and Taka Hasegawa, a strategy consultant from New C and the rest is history.

HARBUS: How did you meet?
Tomo: We first met at the Pre-MBA that started in July. But we didn’t really talk at that time.

HARBUS: When did you start “officially” dating?
Taka: December 26. I asked her to go out with me right after finals, but she said she wanted to think about it, and because my flight got cancelled due to the snow, I was stranded in Boston alone. We met again in Japan and she said yes.

HARBUS: What do you think is Taka’s most outstanding quality?
Tomo: It’s so hard to pick just one. I like how he has a “gap” between how he looks on the outside and how he actually is inside. He initially seems very quiet and reserved (which I actually like), but he is actually very fun to be with (which I actually love). He is a very happy person and I can’t imagine anything but happy future with him.

HARBUS: What do you think is Tomo’s most outstanding quality?
Taka: Charm. She lights the room up. Just being with her gives me energy. I’ve seen her interacting with a lot of people, and everybody seems to be delighted to be talking to her.

HARBUS: What do you think is the most romantic spot on campus tag heuer replica for sale ?
Tomo: hmm. alcove?? We were studying together as study friends first!

HARBUS: Which of your professors does Tomo most remind you of? Why?
Taka: Strategy and LEAD. Because she uses words like “sunk cost” and “align incentives” in a normal conversation.

HARBUS: Which do you think is harder, finding a job or a date?
Tomo: Depends how picky you are. To me, “calculated intuition” plays a big role in both finding a job and a date. Most of the time, you never know how things will turn out until you take a bite.

HARBUS: When did you decide to propose to Tomo?
Taka: A few weeks into the semester. As we spent more time together, everything just seemed to “fit.” We thought in the same ways, and shared the same values. The biggest surprise was that our grandparents were friends in their youth, and our parents knew each other very well. We found out about this after we started dating. What are the odds of something like that happening?

HARBUS: How did you propose? breitling superocean replica
Taka: Valentine’s Day dinner. It was at a Thai restaurant called Brown Sugar and I proposed in the natural flow of conversation.

HARBUS: Has being engaged changed your summer or long-term plans?
Tomo: No, I already had a summer offer before engagement. After we graduate from HBS, we don’t know where we will be, but I feel that anywhere I end up going will be just great and full of opportunities with Taka.

HARBUS: And for you, Taka?
Taka: We were both going back to Japan for the summer, so our summer plans worked out pretty well. To be honest, I had no long term plans coming into HBS. So I guess I have made one of the most important and best decisions for the long term: whatever the future has in store for me, I’ll be by her side.

HARBUS: Finally, what advice would you give students searching for love?
Tomo: Timing is crucial. No need to rush, but if you think you’ve found yourself a right one, why wait? There are plenty of things to do and things will get better and more meaningful if you take a risk and move forward.