A Top Ten List – BEST Year Ever

Welcome back, Class of 2010, and special welcome to the new Class of 2011 RCs! For the new students on campus, we are the co-presidents of the Student Association (or SA for short), the student government representing the MBA student body. The SA has been hard at work this summer to make for the best year ever. We’ve been talking to administrators, professors, and students, and while life outside our business school bubble is not without its own challenges, we believe there are a lot of things to celebrate here on campus. So we decided to put together our own Top-10 list of reasons why this year is shaping to be a great one.

10. J-term – While you can debate the merits of the unified calendar, nobody can debate the possibility of skipping out on some of the most brutal days of Boston winter. Thank you Harvard University!

9. New on-campus printers – Printers on campus have been upgraded to minimize jams and improve cycle times. While you still need to have a printer at home for everyday use, we think this can turn into a big time-saver for those times when RCs need to print out learning team notes, or ECs need to print. last-minute plane tickets to Octoberfest.

8. HBS Got Talent – Last year was the first annual SA-hosted HBS talent show, so some people had fair concerns about how many students would be willing to showing their talent. Needless to say, the show was an amazing success- singing, dancing, spoken word, and crude humor, we had it all. Can’t wait for the second-ever SA talent show later this Spring.

7. Larger class size – Sure, the expansion of class size (from 900 to 942 for the Class of 2011) might mean slightly less room in your Aldrich classroom, but we see it as a 40/900 higher chance to make good friends.

6. The iPhone – Productivity tool of life- both of us are converts. Having wifi, the weather channel app, and Exchange support are key to HBS, and are especially a godsend in Aldrich basements where cellular signals are spotty.

5. Rocking venues for SA events – The Westin for Holidazzle, the Museum of Fine Arts for the new EC black tie event, and the amazing Newport Mansion for the RC Spring event. Premier venues for our marquee events.

4. Custom tailoring – The SA will be offering custom tailored suits and shirts beginning this Fall. We think this will be an affordable, stylish choice for many of you looking to maximize your chances of landing the sweet job for next year or summer.

3. Language classes – Many of you ECs have asked for it, so the SA is working hard to deliver! Details are not yet finalized, but look to hear from us about heavily discounted, on-campus language classes offered later this Fall.

2. Cupcakes in the Square – Sweet, the new cupcake store, opened in May. The SA had nothing to do with this, but we really like cupcakes.

1. First-ever EC Class Ski Trip – Together with the Outdoors Club, the SA is organizing a group ski trip to Steamboat Springs, CO in mid February. A competitive, fixed price will buy you airfare, lodging, lift tickets, and entertainment, all seamlessly planned by the SA Social Committee. Hopefully this first-time effort will become an annual tradition.

Call us optimistic, but we are really excited to back here, and to be leading the Class of 2010 and 2011 as your SA Co-Presidents for the year. Again, we urge you to reach out to us with thoughts, suggestions, or comments- we need to hear from you to make sure we’re focused on what will drive the best year for you. Looking forward to catching up with the ECs, and meeting the new RC class!