20* Questions

Meet Jay! He’s organizing this weekend’s Cyberposium and is thus the subject of this week’s 20 questions. Ask him to wink for you next time you see him.. wait, is it wrong to make fun of people’s disabilities?

Cyberposiumÿis the premier MBA technology conference in the world. Held annually at Harvard Business School, Cyberposium facilitates an interactive network of current and future business leaders to engage in a provocative dialogue about technology and its impact on business and society.

1 My name: Jay Parekh

2 Hometown: Syosset, NY

3 Childhood ambition: Leveraging a job in investment banking to get a PE job to get into HBSÿ

4 Fondest memory: Getting stuffed into a locker in 7th grade

5 Soundtrack? 6:45am alarm waking me up for learning teamÿ

6 Retreat: Fetal positionÿ

7 If I weren’t doing this, I’d be: At Wharton trying to get back into investment banking

8 Proudest moment: Having the courage to tell my parents I didn’t want piano lessons anymoreÿÿ

9 Biggest challenge: Getting back into Tequila Rain after being thrown out (too soon?)ÿÿ

10 Perfect dayÿ1-case day that is actually a Learning at HBS session

11 First job? Merchandise duster at CVS; got to wear a nifty red vest.

12 Indulgence: Scorpion bowls laced with H1N1

13 Last purchase: iPhone app called “Have to Pee”

14 Favorite movie: Anything shown during class that allows me to nap on the sly
(thank you 12 Angry Men)

15 Inspiration: www.textsfromlastnight.com

16 My life: ÿAmerican Express

17 If I won the lottery tomorrow: I’m On A Boat

18 My hero: Meatloaf

19 Current ambition: Persuading people to come to Cyberposium instead of Harvard-Yale

20 Words to live by: Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

21 Fill in your own: Worst HBS Marketing Idea: Fliers marketing Spangler Grille Pizza vs. Domino’s/Papa John’s based on price. Did someone not learn the other 4 P’s (particularly PRODUCT)?