20* Questions

Hidey Ho! Perhaps you, like me, would like to learn more about faculty/classmates than what we’re privy to on classcards or bios. Perhaps you, like me, find yourself increasingly lazy and only motivated to read things that resemble a summary of an otherwise comprehensive view. Perhaps there was something to that whole campaign to increase white space on resumes Career Services kept peddling.

Either way, allow me to introduce a new feature of The Harbus-20 questions.

It’s pretty self explanatory, and since no one was willing to take the plunge and be my first interview-enjoy learning more about the rather unremarkable person bringing you this feature weekly:

1 My name: Jacquie Sandberg

2 hometown: Miami, Florida

3 Childhood ambition: To be Jem and/or a Holigram. Or a doctor

4 Fondest memory: Anything involving my sis and my dogs

5 Soundtrack? Tough one. MGMT. Band of Horses. Gaga.Lil Wayne.Bone Thugs.

6 Retreat: Anywhere with sweat pants + blanket (a real one, not MJ’s kid)

7 If I weren’t doing this, I’d be: In NYC at my startup publication

8 Proudest Moment: Telling dad I got into HBS. (he cried. Laaaame)

9 Biggest Challenge: Anything involving my sis and my dogs

10 Perfect Day: book, wine soaked dinner with friends, big bday party

11 First Job? 15 @ Steve Madden shoes in Coconut Grove – if they could see me now!
12 Indulgence: ÿBooks or shows about vampires & pickled ginger (I’m not proud)

13 Last Purchase: 50 fake eyelashes & fishnets for Sec-C Section C for Priscilla

14 Favorite movie: The Birdcage

15 Inspiration: ÿBetter people doing better things with fewer opportunities

16 My life: Amuses me

17 If I won the lottery tomorrow: I just might be able to pay off my student loans then treat myself to a sandwich at Darwin’s

18 My hero: ÿDo gooders

19 Current ambition: To avoid swine flu

20 Words to live by: Avoid swine flu

21 Fill in your own: Mortal Enemy-Josh Sandberg, NJ (no relation)-he got the email domain.

November 9, 2009
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